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Introduction Audi TTRS Sport- Turbocharger - LO500-TTRS

We proudly present the very first sports turbocharger for the new Audi TTRS.

BorgWarner (KKK) premium quality optimized by LOBA Motorsport.

Technical specifications:
Custom "Extended Tip" compressor wheel
State-of-the-art compressor wheel geometry
Compressor wheel inlet (wheel): 54.6 mm
Compressor wheel outlet (wheel): 70.5 mm

5-axis CNC modified compressor housing and inner surface for optimum flow in intake and exhaust areas

XX° grinded runner (wheel) to help increase the flow capacity and reduce exhaust backpressure

Optimized clearances

Modified actuator

Reinforced axial bearing

Balancing of single parts and the basic unit

This turbocharger is capable of producing 500+ hp (depending on engine condition)


Corrr in the 1st picture it looks like a mini jet engine Forum Index -> Audi TTS & TT RS (8J) quattro
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