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Is the S3 exhaust the same as its lesser siblings?

Hello experts

Some might know already but soon you'll all know  is that the S3 is already mapped BUT that's coming off because quite frankly who ever did it isn't well known amongst the better known mapping gurus so it's coming off and getting Rich @ Viper Tuning to give it a stage 2 along with a race/ free flow sports Milltec cat I found on Audi and a new Milltec Catback curtesy of El Grizz.

Question I have been asked is would the exhaust on the S3 be an upgrade for the lesser A3 quattro ? secondly what should I ask for a 40k mile old cat and Catback standard exhaust?

Cheers fellas  :thumbup:

i reckon it would be a straight fit on another 1.8T quattro, and i would imagine its an upgrade.

that being said, the bunch over on A3 section will be much more knowledgeable on the value.

ASN is for A/S3's like SRS is for S/RS4's

Cheers for the reply Craig  
S4 Muzza

Give me a shout when you remove this Rich. Depends on price and if i have any monies at the time but may be interested. I'm sure swapping a 153k exhaust for one on less than 40k couldnt do any harm!

Probably worth about £15 tops.....  

Are all these mods planned before the Crieff meet? I'd like to be able to keep up on the way over!

 hi Murray

It won't be done until sometime in April date to confirmed with Grizz.
You'll keep up don't worry  

How does 250 quid for my cat and cat back sound? Gives you time to decide & save up ( would be handy if you did buy it since your seconds from where you work to where I live and at the bottom of the hill is a garage that could swap it for you for a few beer tokens I suspect  

IF you want it before Crieff that's fine then the money can go towards Grizz's bill then I'll just bin your exhaust down south

Remember a S3 uses a K04 and the 1.8T uses a K03(s). And I'm also 99% certain a 1.8T exhaust won't fit an S3 'cos the S3 exhaust has to bypass the 4WD system?...

Hi Ryan, Mazza's car is a per facelift S3 so that should be ok?

PFL S3 still uses a K04 mate:

The A3 Quattro exhaust would fit with a different DP to mate to the K04 BUT it will be too small (diameter wise). The S3 uses 2.5" pipework as standard, most S3 aftermarket exhausts are 2.75".

I think the A3 Quattro uses 2" pipework?...

Ahh!!!! Ok we'll have to have a closer look sometime

Cheers for the heads up though Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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