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Is there further info on the BES engine?

I've had an A6 Avant with the 2.7 Biturbo engine now for 3 years.  It is a mid-2003 UK model with the 250bhp BES engine and 01E manual gearbox.

Reading online, the BES seems to be the version for which there is the least  information - all I've been able to dig up is that it was mostly used in the contemporary Allroad through 2004-5, the coils are different to A-series S4 engines, that there are (maybe?) some differences to the joints / flanges around the turbo / pipework on the BES / BEL engines, and that they use the ME7.1.1 version of the ECU rather than the previous version which may or may not be more difficult to tune.

And that is about the sum total of what I've been able to find out - most of these bits of info were acquired from a number of difference online sources posted over a 5-6 year period with none more recent than 2011/2.

Can anyone provide a bit more info with the benefit of a few years of hind-sight to debunk the mythology?  My car is speculated to have a chip plugged into the ECU because a local specialist couldn't talk to the ECU through the ODB2 when trying to upgrade to Stage 1 and they reckoned it felt a bit stronger than normal already, but could this reflect the ME7.1.1 vs ME7.1 issue mentioned a few years ago?  Sadly I don't have a socket set that can get the ECU cover off (the rearmost screw near to the windscreen wiper is inaccessible) so I can't verify this or otherwise.

Any thoughts gratefully appreciated.  Apologies for not being a genuine "S" owner, but I thought I would be more likely to get an expert reply here than elsewhere.

do you have the OEM radio fitted or aftermarket?

madmax2 wrote:
do you have the OEM radio fitted or aftermarket?

The radio / cassette / CD player is the original Audi ?Symphony? model built into the central console above the air-con control panel.  The car as far as I can tell is very standard and was more or less immaculate on 82k when I got it - the previous owner was the Duke of Sutherland and it appears to have spent 10 years doing mostly motorway miles from Cambridge to the Scottish Borders and back, and occasionally transporting large dogs around (judging by the amount of wirey grey hair under the back seat when I was fitting Isofix).  Front wing bubbles as usual and the tailgate is beginning to get some bubbles at the bottom edge, but after 3 years being kept outdoors in Scottish conditions it's hardly surprising. Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B5) quattro
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