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It's time :(

Well guys.....

Sadly it's time to let go of the S3      

It's done me proud for many years, but for those in the know, it was, and always will be David's car.
It's time to move on to newer things, but I'm staying VAG!
I'm treating myself to a Mk5 Golf GTi, 2ltr, 200bhp. Picking it up later this afternoon. Photo's will follow of course.......


A sad day indeed   Teri    I'm sure you'll remember it with love and laughter in your memories.

sure will Richard.....but this new golf, shit its quick!

Still miss my s3 now almost 5 yrs on, great car and I'd have another in a heartbeat.
Surprised your how saying that the mk5 is quick, I presume in comparison to the s3. The better half has a gti and I'd probably say its on a par? Maybe picks up a little quicker but from rose tinted specs I'd say the 3 was faster once rolling.
Or has the golf had a bit of fettling?

Hi Ruxy.
No the golf's not been fettled.....yet! Give me chance
From a standing start it's got a much quicker pick up of speed and just as fast at full pelt. My S3 was fettled by Doug and yes it was quick, but she's getting old now and starting to get very sluggish. She took a lot of winding up to get there, but once charging she was fantastic!
I'll certainly miss her as she was a very big part of my past

Nice choice, enjoy the Golf. I considered a MK5 GTI myself.

Hmm? Maybe I was young and impressionable when I got it, got a remap on mine too and maybe that's clouding my judgement
Get tuning that LOBA LO4xx turbo looks the shizzle  

I think you'll enjoy the Golf Teri, I had a mk5 R32 and loved it, until I couldn't pass a GTI in it which made me buy the S4! Your S3 is a very tidy car, good luck with the new one  


Thanks guys
I'm going to leave it as standard for a wee while, then maybe start fettling!

Nice photo Will......oh, and I'm transfering the plate over so you'll all recognise me

congrats, sorry i wasnt in. pop over tomorrow evening so we can have a race.  

Race!.........I don't stand a bloody chance unless you're in the white whip!
What time you home?

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