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knockhill March 2016

Shameless plug for myself, and for the other Audis which turned up at what is officially a Subaru Impreza day, but which is now more than 50% Lotuses!

Think there was one or two Scoobies

Here's some pics from my favourite snapper - the guy who runs the SIDC days.

I'm getting used to the look of the new mirrors. Car is almost unrecognisable anyway

Didn't know this was out on the track at all! Must've not been out much.

Rather a lot of money on the track that day!!

Did the new mirrors get you the time improvement you were looking for?

hehe I dunno Scott.
I was on road tyres expecting lots of rain, but I still put in a few 61sec laps so I'm happy to claim that they worked
One day all the planets, tyres, boost pressures and traffic on track will align and I'll do a 58 or 59.

Looks like a good track day plenty or variety. Would be good to catch up with you the next time your out at knockhill. I am heading up on Sunday for smrc. Should be up there quite a few times this year. And hopefully get mine on track at a track night near the end of the year when my k04 build is finished

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