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lack of boost


I failed on emissions back in May so the car has been off the road since then.....

resat its MOT today and passed without any fettling  

however I did suffer a turbo failure earlier this year resulting in the centre shaft shearing in the turbo.
Fortunately for me apart from rupturing the rear crankcase seal it hasnt done any other damage to the engine,BUT it doesnt feel as if its coming onto boost as strong as it should do.

My pals garage 's diagnostics isnt as specialised as some so no faults came up.

Speaking to Lee @ Unit 20 who JUST LOVES 20V engines    said it could be the N75 valve, would need to be logged and vag commed which I dont have access to.

is it likely to be a N75 valve and if so where is it and is it easy to swap?

how much as well?

cheeers fellas

N75 is what controls the boost coming on, so its probably the most likely culprit.

If it isnt controlling it properly the wastegate might not be closing properly or opening early resulting in longer spooling or lower boost.

so the car would "feel" sluggish then?
mine is an auto as well which probably  doesnt help matters?

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