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learner driver prices

Hi, My boy is ready for learning to drive and I am wondering what the best prices are or at least the best way to get him insured wither it be on a monthly basis or just full year. Also myself included as I have took ownership of his new car which is a wee VW POLO 2002 1.2 Model 4 door.

I paid 400.00 for  a years insurance for my daughter as a learner driver,plus they put the missus on for 20.00.
1.2 corsa insured in her name
.Collingwood  think they do monthly aswell.


As a first port of call you should ask your current provider what they will charge for adding him onto the policy as a learner. You may find they'll do it but cease cover once he passes.

We can't provide the cover here I'm afraid.

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