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light knock when braking at low speeds

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone knows this. Maybe a typical C5 problem?
2002 2.7TQ Avant btw.

When braking gently at slow speeds (say 15mph or less) there is a single knock to be heard on my C5. Even the slightest braking gives the same obvious knock, which you can 'feel' in the chassis. Let go of the brakes, wait a second, brake again and it does it again... and again evertime you genlty tap on the brakes. When releasing the brakes you don't hear anything, only when applying.

No obvious things to be found, but I've read something about a loose steering rack on C5's?

Any other ideas? It's not that bad, but when your attention gets to it



Could be anything really .
wear in suspension bushes , wheel bearing , steering rack ( as you said),
drive train...... the list goes on.
For peace of mind get it up on a ramp and get it checked over .

Does it do it whilst standing still ?, if so this narrows it down to pads/discs/caliper

Probably the most common one on a C5 is the top arm bushes (two each side). These tend to split quite readily when they're worn and bring a lot of fore/aft movement into the suspension.

Cannonball is spot on however in that there are a fair few bits that can cause a noise like this. I'd start by looking at the top arms and work outwards from there. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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