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Limerick Vw show 2016

Just back from this show, I did it two years ago in the mk4 R32 and got a 2nd in class. This year I went one better in the RS4 and got a best in class (Audi) pleased and well worth the trip. Travelled from Donegal down to the show on Saturday after visiting the wife's parents, there was plenty of interest and complementing comments from the public. Spoke with an SRS owner who didn't have his car at the show, but did have it 2 years ago, if your reading this it was good to meet you again, also the Scottish owner from Prestwick that came over for a chat as I was filling up on Tuesday night on the way home. Done about 1000 miles all in and the car never missed a beat, blasting from north to south on the Saturday overtaking 2 sometimes 3 cars at a time, still love the effortless power, it's addictive.

A Nile green ur 10v got second in class, the owner bought it from Edinburgh a few years ago, maybe the owner is on here, if you are let yourself be known.

Hi Hedge, nice to meet you on Tuesday night at Brysons garage Pretwick. The car looks amazing. Hopefully see you again when mine come out of the bodyshop.

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