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Lock issue

Hi im new to the b6 having only just bought one so but i have found an issue and i was wondering if anyone here has an idea to what is the issue

 firstly i noticed that the small long button that appears to show loocked wind/door on it ( just behind the electric window switch on drivers door) is fully depresed...  this dosnt bother me but may be an answer to what i found as a problem

 problem ... the rear door im not sure if its both or just driver side but when i look the car it flashes only on the door but the rear door remains unlocked?

i can hear some going on in rear door so i thought maybe that switch was making them stay unlocked ... i may be complete wrong so any thoughts would be greatly apprciated.

thanks in advance!

The long pressed in switch is your rear window isolator switch. This stops the rear windows from being operated by the back door window switches. If you press it then it'll come back out.

Your rear door locking issue is either the door catch its self or damaged wiring in the door shut.

ah ok that makes sense the switch wont pop back up so i guess its damaged then as it stays down and doesnt move ...

ok ill have to investigate thanks for your help much apprciated

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