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Log Manifolds

These are constructed from the same materials as the tubulars

Laser cut flanges
10mm head flange
12mm turbo flange
All 304 stainless steel

380 plus postage

These are a more pocket friendly manifold, for those who want more flow but dont necessarily want to splash out on the tubulars.

The idea behind these was to offer both an alternative to tubulars and grinding out and re welding the standard manifold.

Very similar in dimensions to the standard manifolds, but with a 36mm ID all the way through. The factory versions have a weld bead on the inside of the tube right at the head, then taper down in diameter and only taper back up right before the turbo flange, limiting volume and flow.

Internally, the standard manifold are not welded, so there are gaps at joint intersections where gasses and heat (think energy to move the turbine wheel) escape and are lost into the space inside the heatshield.

outlaw rs4

Just fitted a set of these on my RS as the standard ones had started to rattle,. The fitted spot on , top work Niall.
I'm sure the car feels a little sharper than before!
boost addict

C5 v6 tdi exhaust manifolds

Hi Niall, i have asked you a few months ago to quote me for a pair of exhaust manifolds and intermediate pipes for a audi a6 c5 2.5 tdi, can you do that for me please ? I can send you a pair of exhaust manifolds and intermediate pipes for you to mock up... Please get in touch and let me know a rough price so we can take it from there... Regards,
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