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Lowerd B6 S4s Talk to me...

Got a broken rear spring so need to replace them.

Not a huge choice for the V8 S4


Vogtland  ( German manufacturer who according to the internet supply springs to koni)

FK street coilovers.

Just want nice even drop without having harsh ride

What other options do I have?

Hi Challice,

I think most people go for the H&R springs, but remember once you install the new springs you should really get a proper 4 wheel alignment done as the geometry will have changed.

For me personally, I would stick to the OE Springs/ shocks on the S4 to keep the refinement as it is. I have never been a fan of lowering springs for daily use especially on the crap roads these days.

You could get yourself some 2nd hand ones for 50 for the rear and get yourself back on the road in no time and save yourself a few hundred quid and all the messing about  



It'll be getting alignment done after.

Would like it lowerd as I'm not a fan of big arch gaps it just looks bad.

Nice OEM drop 25mm or so improves looks

It's not a daily car so not rushing to get it done

I was in the same position as you - H&R or Vogtland springs. In the end, I went for the H&R's as they seem to be the most popular plus they were not much more than the Vogtland springs. Getting them fitted next week and the alignment sorted.

You can get also get springs from Rev Motorsport in America. However, he wasn't keen on international shipping as he was stung for import tax on one order.


I've just grabbed a bargin of some used coilovers for the same price as new springs so let's see how that goes

Challice wrote:
I've just grabbed a bargin of some used coilovers for the same price as new springs so let's see how that goes

What coilovers did you get?


TA technix

Cheap but I don't 800 quid to throw at bilstiens

Paid 100 quid delivered have been on the car for 7k so proved they aren't going to fall apart.

German made and TUV approved should be delivered at work Monday

If anyone wants Vogtland coilovers, I sell them new with warranty. I can offer a discounted price of 525 delivered to AudiSRS members. If you can find a better price then I'll beat it. I also sell springs only, as well as a kit with matched dampers.

Just to add, these are some of the most (if not THE most) comfortable set of coilovers you can buy. Have a Google and see what people are saying. They use KW V1 dampers with Vogtland's own springs.

KOni dampers and H&R spring combo are about 550 from Larkspeed and would be a good option.  Get the thick H&R RS4 ARB's whilst you're there and it will handle like it's on rails.

Anti roll bar is on the list

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