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Ma5da Championship 2012

Ive just purchased a race prepared MX5 for next season.
I'm looking forward to doing some winter testing and getting used to the car and how it drives/handles..Now if anyone would be interested in having either there company logo,name or any other form of advertising on my car then please let me know..there will be 2 cars running (hopefully)
so a little bit of paid sponsoring would be a nice start..
The series is shown on MotorsTV (men and motors) and believe me there's plenty of action and im sure your sponsorship wouldn't go unnoticed.
Ive just come back from a few days at Silverstone where the Ma5da Autumn Championship was supporting the Brit car 24Hr race and what a buzz..
David or Mark..if this post in innapropriate or in the wrong place please advise and either move or remove..Woody

good luck with this mate, i was going to have a go at this or the mr2 challenge.... in the end my S4 raped my wallet instead  

Good luck Simon, sounds like great fun. I'll pass you details on to some of the companies I deal with.
Will come and watch next year if I can.

Well just a little update..
i took my Ards test today at Brands Hatch and passed with flying colours..
i pick up my race car tomorrow so its time for some testing and track time..

Good work Si.
Some cheap days coming up too.  Am hoping to do Brands and Snetts in December.

Well done Simon, will come along and watch when you race down this way.

I bet mx5's are great fun in race trim.

I've just registered for the series now and here is the racing calendar.
the series hopefully will be televised on MotorsTv,Eurosport,Sky sports and a few other so we've been told.
I will be running an Audi SRS Sticker and will be happy to carry other stickers so if anyone wants some exposure for there business please let me know because i'm in the process of sorting out a sponsorship package.

nice one Simon, i'll be down to watch at Brands in July.

Monday 12th March 2012 @ Silverstone on the National Circuit.
Thats the date for the Launch/Testing day..a little over 3 weeks after and i'll be back there for the 1st race..nervous and

Update..Testing on Friday at Silverstone national circuit..Racing Sat and Sunday..
Wish me

Good luck mate, what dates are you racing this year?

well what a weekend..tested all day friday and got within 2 seconds off the leaders..then it rained and changed everything..
i got a 19th from 26 cars in the 1st race
and another 19th in the second race..
booked testing for snetterton at end of month ahead of the race weekend..wish me luck..
i stayed in the holiday inn at the roundabout to the entrance of MRC's industrial estate whilst at Silverstone..the carvery is great and very good value for Frankie and Benny's next door is a bloody rip off..

Well done mate....nice start to your racing.

s4woody wrote: Frankie and Benny's next door is a bloody rip off..

This ^ ...and in my experience the service is pathetic too.  

Good luck with your burgeoning racing career - roll on my daughter finishing Uni with a first and I'll be joining you (she's still only 14 so it will be a while)!

Nice start mate, you must be chuffed. The rain is a massive game-changer isnt it?! I've been doing as many wet track days as possible with an instructor to learn how best to work in those conditions as there's one thing guaranteed in this country!!

Hoping to pick up a race prepped clio today as I passed my ARDS 2 weeks ago and I've outgrown my shopping-track clio; next stop MSV Trackday Trophy and Team trophy Forum Index -> Motorsport
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