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Made in Britain?!

Was doing some research onlne, and came across various sites which say the RS6 engine (and RS4) was made in the UK, by Cosworth. I was pretty impressed by that, although it seems to have been kept a bit quiet.

Anyone know any details? Did Audi send the bits to Northants and Cosworth bolt them together? Or was the whole deal produced here?

I bet any other firm would have put a wee Cosworth logo on the boot. I guess Audi and 'RS' is prestigious enough on its own...

I suspect it was more a case of Audi sending Cosworth 4.2 lumps and letting them breath on the engine, like Porsche with the RS2 lump. I'd be interested to know exactly what Cosworth's input was to the engine.

They did a good job, anyway. Shame they didn't do the suspension, too

Indeed, a very good job. Clever folks in that firm. Seems they worked on brakes for Audi too.

On the engine, the RS6 Study Guide says the crank, oil pump, pistons, valves and heads are all different. I guess if you were replacing all that, you'd probably not want whole engines coming in if you could help it. Waste of head gaskets and that.

I have a mate who used to do press for Cosworth, I'll ask him what the score was.

Cool Do let us know what you find out.

Same thing happened with the B5 RS4 engine - Cosworth workd on the S4 engine to make teh RS4 version. But I somehow remember that Cosworth isn't quite the same Cosworth as we know of old (eg F1 engines). Could be wrong (often am).

The company was Cosworth Technology.

Volkswagen Group UK (and therefore AG) used to own Cosworth Technology

hence the link up

On the RS4 didn't they make changes to strengthen the block, redesigned the heads, reprofiled the cams, different rods and.... not sure about the rest.

Here's what the mate says. He was PR for Cosworth back in the early 2000s.

"Right, RS6s... Reckon it's like the RS4s mate. All components for the engines were put together in Wellingborough at their engine build place. Some top-notch motors were made there. The 20-valve headed Audi soft-tops, Aston Martin Vanquish, RS4/6, the old Cossies and erm... Perkins diesel engines. We used to take journos around to the dyno cells where you'd see the twin turbos turn the exhausts cherry red..."

Any pics...?

He's not got anything tucked away, but you can browse the Mahle/Cosworth Press Office. There are some interesting pics in there.

The Cosworth name, which has a tremendous heritage particularly in motorsport (the Cosworth DFV V8 racing engine established world-wide success over several decades), did not form part of either the Audi or MAHLE acquisitions. This led to restrictions on its use and some confusion in the marketplace. Also, the operation's ownership by a vehicle maker made it nearly impossible for it to win contracts from competitors.

That'll be why we don't have a little Cosworth badge. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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