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main beam headlight really dull

Now the darker nights are coming back in I'm starting to notice that my main beam headlights really are crappola !!!

The light has a very green/blue tinge to it too.

Going to change the bulbs anyway , but wondered if this poor light is an indication of the ballasts not working correctly...Or any other symptoms ??

Also wondered about the xenon auto leveling stuff...  Other VAG cars I've seen cycle the xenon leveling/direction motor of the lights upon start up.  My RS6 doesnt do this...  Should it ???

any help would be great.

make sure the bulbs are genuine and not aftermarket.

regards to the auto leveling my rs6 does adjust when i turn them on

If you switch the lights on first then switch the engine on you should see the self-levelling test being carried out, only takes 1 second complete, goes down/up/centre IIRC?

The stock bulbs are rated at 4300K which starts off bluey/greeny for about 2 seconds then goes very slightly yellow as the gas heats up.

The dipped headlights (Xenons) don't throw the light very far I found but I know a guy on 246 (Trups) who modifies them as part of his Light business. A mate (SuprSi) on there has had his done and is very impressed with the difference.

by you mean from audi ??  Or just a brand name like philips etc etc ??

These definately dont seem to heat up and change away from the blue/green !!   infact I'd go as far as saying they are downright dangerous !!!

Will sort out a pair of replacement bulbs and see what sort of difference that makes.... thanks for the input guys....Appreciated as always !

Finally  got round to fitting new bulbs last night.   Much success.

Audi wanted 117 per bulb and I couldn't justify spending that much so went with a pair of ring D2S and the difference is literally night and day.  Blue tinge is gone and a nice colour now that lights the road up as id expect dipped beam lights to do. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C5) quattro
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