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Main beam not working..

S3 8l, facelift....

so yesterday my main beam randomly stopped working... I went to turn them on but nothing. The side lights still work as do the fog lights, but not the main beam...bu the weird bit is the full beam still works!

To add....this happened yesterday afternoon, what I did notice in the morning that when I turned on my main beam there was a split second before they turned on...

Also in the afternoon when I discover they weren't working I noticed that the back lighting on the switch for the lights is flickering!

The bulb 'out' light did also come and go on the dis when they weren't working.

Any suggestions?

I'm off to check fuses and perhaps try and pull out the light switch to see if it's loose wiring!

I've done some digging...fuses fine, bulbs fine, narrowed it down I think to the switch mechanism which is kind of a spline and barrel affair.

Taken off the under panel and got the switch off of that...

buggered around with it and managed to get it so all the lights were on, but couldn't get them off! So it's a barrel/switch position issue I think, although I've got it again now where the brrel seems as though it's in the correct position but again same as op, ie sides work, fogs work, full beam works, just not the main!

Obviously it's not the bulbs or connection to the head lights themselves as I did have them working when in that stuck position...

There seems to be a few part numbers for this switch part. I know there was a facelift one where the materials used weren't as durable, and I'm thinking this is 8L2 941 531 F and perhaps the pre finishes D? I've also seen 8L2?

And there is definately more of the part with the light adjust, as opposed to the face lift zenon one that doesn't have that feature.

Anyone know? I suppose it would be better to get a facelift one that is supposed to go with the car (my s3 is a facelift)

Checked that it's not the ballasts? Why part no should be on the back of the old part. If it's superseeded then audi or tps will supply the new part.

Light adjust? Pre facelift didn't have that ability to adjust the xenons. It was auto. It only has the interior light Dimmer.

This was sorted with a replacement switch, cheers Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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