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Mapping anywhere near Scotland

In the future I'm planning on fitting a turbo back exhaust on the rs4 and I'll need to get lambdas coded out. The car has been mapped by viper by the previous owner I'm not sure if they are any good or where they are based. My last car was mapped by Mrc again by previous owner but they are a long way from sunny Scotland. So my question is where else is good at mapping rs4 and are they close to Scotland also I'm wanting flat shift mapped in too at the same time.

Hi bud

Quite sure WOT Motorsport are in Glasgow

Could try Rick at unicorn, he's based in stockport but sure he does remote mapping..  can post him your ecu to have whatever changes you want...

I went to Rick at unicorn. I got there from Perth on a full tank.

I'm the same needing mapped next year but live up north. Mrc would be ideal but anyone decent up here

Rick at unicorn is the doctor. The guy knows what he's doing, it's worth the journey to know you're getting mapped by someone who knows what they are doing.

if its just the rear lambdas, and your otherwise happy with the tune, then you can probably just post the ECU to either Viper or the others mentioned in this thread, and they can turn them off for you for a small fee, its not difficult at all, its only a few small changes to the file.

If your wanting more work, like flat shift and whatnot, then really your going to have to make a trip and pay for a whole new tune.

I traveled to Rick at unicorn from Edinburgh, first class bloke and service!

Looks like rick is the closest who knows these cars I'll be going for a full new map anyway to make the best of mods I wanted to add in 630c injectors but not sure if the car can be driven before mapped anyone shed some light on this for me

Leave the injectors until you get there.

With mine, rick provided a base map that allowed me to drive it with the injectors etc fitted, but unless you have the skills to flash your ECU then its probably easier just leaving them out until you arrive for the tune.

I just drove down and he fitted the injectors and mapped it then.

Sounds like that could be a plan

SP Autobahn in Stirling were Revo agents for a few years. Stuart would take your car out and carry out adjustment realtime. Really good map and Stuart is very particular to get it running spot on..... unfortunately he's no longer dealing with Revo/ Might be worth a phone call to see if he is dealing with anyone else.
There was a company down in Prestwick who mapped my S4. I was pretty happy with them, but maybe someone local can add their bit. Driving down south ain't too far, but the drive up will be better fun.

My guys (Autohaus) recommended Ecotune in Glasgow as far as I remember.

I think closer to home would be decent if any issue you can fall back to them easily Forum Index -> Audi S4 & RS 4 (B5) quattro
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