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Matts C5 RS6

Hi guys,

My names Matt and I have just joined up.

I was looking for a car for a while and I was looking at getting a b6 or b7 s4 but after going out in a friends rs6 I fell in love and changed my mind!

We found a lovely rs6 in the best colour with lots of nice extras and it was in my price range! So we had to go and have a look even if it was 7pm on good Friday. The car was better than advertised. There was a couple of bits that needed sorting but nothing that you wouldn't expect for a car of its age.

I have had my rs6 for two weeks now and this is what we have been up to.

When me and Carl picked the car up it had a couple of teething problems. It had a couple of electrical faults witch we thought nothing of. Maybe just a couple of faulty courtesy lights. But after Carl did a little research it came apparent that it could be a wet Ecu. So without even owning the car for 24hrs we had the seats out and the carpet up! And low and behold the floor was we through!

The foam under the carpet was wet through!

All the wiring was wet and the crimps had corroded and literally fell off in Carl's hands.

We had defiantly found the electrical faults.

Corroded contacts.

Lots of wiring to repair!

Carl repaired all the wiring and cleaned the contacts.
All the electrical faults had gone apart from one. After lots of searching and double checking of crimps Carl found the problem witch was a broken micro switch in the drivers door. Result every little electrical fault was found and fixed!

Now to find where the water was coming from.

The worst part about it was that it has had a new transmission Ecu recently and the garage that did the work charged the customer for fitting the Ecu and drying out the carpet, but they never found where the water was coming from. they just left a brand new Ecu to get wet again!

Lucky for us we live in England so it wasn't long before we got some rain.
Carl was straight out side with his head under the dash and could clearly where the water was coming from.

A cracked Ecu tray.

And after some serious cleaning we found a big split in the seam sealer allowing water to run straight in to the car!

Repaired and painted.

Box of bits to get us going.

New Ecu tray and seal. So Carl had sorted all the dodgy electrics and sourced and repaired the water leak. Something the other garage had failed to do.

It was in need of a clean round the pollen filter housing to. So while we was at it I gave it good clean as well.

Came up like new!

Ahhhh the jobs of buying privately!  

My A4 leaked via a blocked battery tray drainage holes and pollen filter cover.    

Hope you get the actually enjoy the car soon.  

Nice work

We managed to get most of it sorted that weekend and I was able to use it and enjoy it. But it was short lived unfortunately! I got four days out of it before I had another problem. I'll tell you more in my next post.

Challice wrote:
Nice work

That scuttle cleaning is right up your street eh Martin!!    

An eventful and daughnting for most ownership experience! Nice write up, thank you.

Very interesting! Excellent work!

Electrical gremlins can really make or break a car, so it's great to see a thorough investigation and repair being undertaken.

Definitely worthy of a heads up for any potential C5 owners.


C J wrote:
Challice wrote:
Nice work

That scuttle cleaning is right up your street eh Martin!!    

Yup haha  

Cheers lads. It was nice to find all the faults and get everything working as it should. We made a nice care even better. Forum Index -> Members' Cars
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