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MIL engine light at 3000 rpm

In mates 10v uR and on way to ring. Car running like a dream and pulled over. Put 50 euros of fuel in her, drove out garage and now getting engine caption at 3k. Driving okay apart from the occasional miss. Now filled up, put fuel cleaner and octane booster. Still missing on overun and 3k.
Amh ideas. In Germany at mo after a ring lap...  cheers.


Had a play tonight and managing to get a fault.code of 2113 which points at the hall sender.
Anyone had fhis fault before???


Just been for a quick blast in my mb,first time in 6 weeks had a few small jobs to do to it, had a full car of kids wife at the shops 2 year old fell asleep and the other two just wanted to go faster.

Fixed the car a while back...  It was the panel under the steering wheel/above the pedals was trapping the vacuum pipe from the ECU. Forum Index -> Audi Ur quattro
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