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Milltek is developing Audi R8 V10 GT performance exhaust

The Milltek name has become synonymous with the Audi R8 since it was first launched in 4.2 V8 Coupe form back in 2007.

Milltek has always had its finger on the pulse of Audi tuning since 1998 and certainly didn't miss an opportunity to develop a truly epic exhaust system for the V8 supercar. In fact, they wanted to get the exhaust so perfect, they invested in their own development car which they ran for several years both on the road and the race track.

The R8 V8 was a big success for Audi and a variety of spinoff models was inevitable. First came the V8 Spyder, the V10 Coupe, the V10 Spyder and, most recently, the fastest and most hard-core of them all, the Audi R8 V10 GT.

Packing 552bhp, 398lb ft from its 5.2-litre V10 engine, the GT also brings with it a 100kg weight-saving over the regular V10-engined R8.

Many R8 GT owners have contacted Milltek and AmD Tuning for exhaust and performance remap since the car was launched expressing an interest in a freer-flowing design and more emotive sound-track. Having tracked down an R8 V10 GT development car, Milltek has now set to work developing an evolution of their standard R8 V10 Race exhaust that has proved so popular across the World.

We'll keep you posted of any new developments...

I got this pic also yesterday,it looks stunning  

So much better with these wheels rather than the normal GT ones!

iR8V8 wrote:
So much better with these wheels rather than the normal GT ones!

That valance and spoiler would look great on your car. Forum Index -> Audi R8 quattro
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