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Milltek non-res cat back system for S3 8P - Your Thoughts???

Just wondering if anyone in the Yorkshire region has an S3 8P with Milltek non-res cat back system fitted.

If anyone has one can you let me know your thoughts and if there is anyone in the area that wouldn't mind me meeting you so that I can listen to it in person.


Silencers are for poofs

Nuff said.
Ben H

Very helpful post there 5pot!

Im sure there must be someone 'up north' thats fitted a Milltek to a new S3 on here.

Ben H wrote:
Very helpful post there 5pot!

Happy to help  

Do you want it to sound nicer / deeper and rev slightly freer? Then get it done, I'm sure you won't regret it. Add the Milltek downpipe catless or 100cel cat and a map and I think you can get a healthy increase in power and torque out of the later S3's.

Do a search on Youtube for sound clips. They'll probably be quite a few people on that have fitted, so worth a post / search over there too.

Thanks for the replys - well those that were helpful anyway. Still unsure what to do so will probably just leave it for now.

A friend had his TTS done and we have listened to both to compare. Its definitely an improvement, and I don't know whether its just us or not, but it does seem to pull better through 3rd and 4th - that sound right? Just not sure whether its a 500 improvement though. Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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