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Ben H

Milltek non res - TTS

Anyone had any experiences of this system on the TTS, particularly the difference in noise?

just my own option, but ive had 2 cars with milltek exhausts, both droned too much at motorway/cruising speed for me to live with them

car1 was a b5 rs4 - it had the resonated and it droned like mad about 2000-2500rpm which was about 80 or so - i had to put the oem back box back on the milltek system to get rid of the sound - fortunately the oem box is straight through and not restrictive

car2, ttrs - i tried the non-res system but it replaced the factory drone at 2000 with one about 3000rpm, which moved it to, you guessed it, 75-80 which again spoiled any long drive - milltek were great and swapped the centre non-res at cost price for a resonated and im extremely happy - the factory 2000rpm drone is quieter than oem, and the 3000rpm non-res drone is gone

the system is probably quieter than oem, with less drone at 2000rpm, but sounds better particularly on overrun, and with the sport button pressed its just the right volume/growl for me

bottom line - either drive a car with one for a while first to see if you like it, or work with a good fitter/supplier who can change the centre section to resonated if its too loud.
Ben H

Thanks for the response dunk. Surprised to hear the Milltek is quieter than oem! Forum Index -> Audi TTS & TT RS (8J) quattro
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