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Milltek/QST RS3



Nice !

Don't sound to bad. Looks like it shifts pretty well!

Went out in it on Tuesday.... very nice car, sounds sweet and shifts!!  

Some nice black MTM wheels running fatter rubber front and rear too!!

...and this is only the 1st stage of it's development!

Looking forward to it progress over time.
Adrian E

Kim still working on his running in an engine technique then lol  

Does sound nice - is that on launch control with DSG?  Certainly goes like the proverbial off the shovel

Don't think we've had to "run in" engines for many years now??  

Yep, the S-Tronic box is very good, takes off like a stabbed rat!!
Adrian E

I can't give a car full beans when it's brand spanking, but that's probably because I've very rarely owned/driven a brand new car!  I know there's more than 1 school of thought over the effect of how a car is driven when it's new alters its power and longevity in the longer term.

Will have to pop down and have a butchers at this - not seen one in the metal yet  

Good to see they're working on upgrades already

Just wish he was open weekends. Ah well, will just have to take a day off one day. Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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