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Hello all

I've just changed my fuel filter along with a few other bits and now the car runs like shit. I've bled any air out of the lines so pretty sure it's not an air lock. It can run fine sometimes then others down to three cylinders. It's the intermittent misfire that's doing my head in because why would it run ok for ten minutes then suddenly go to pot?! crank case breather hose is knackered but it was before all this happened. The rocker cover hose just goes to a catch tank and the air inlet hole is plugged.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

My AUM gti had the same problem, defo fix the split crank case pipe, then if it's still doing it I'd say one of the coil packs is knackered.

Give VAG a ring and see if it's had the recall done on them, if not you'll get a full set for free.

Also be worth replacing the crank case gasket too.

I did those things on mine and it ran fair better

Thanks RACK

Got a new set of coils and sparks from TPS....150 all in
Also got a new hose. Going to fit new parts and see how it is tomorrow

All sorted, goes like a greased weasel

Where abouts are you ? 🚕🚙💛💙👍🍻 Forum Index -> Audi S3 (8L) quattro
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