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Missfire on 3rd cylinder

Hi guys. I new here and I don't know which forum to put my question in. I want to buy a A8 6.0 that I test drove, but it has a misfire on the third cylinder. I really like this car but will it cost me an arm and a leg to get the misfire fixed?
It is a spark plug problem or may spark lead problem or something else I don't know anything about?

what year is it ?

i'd say it would be.....

-spark plug or the coil pack, for obvious reason i'd get the cylinder compression tested, because if it isn't a mechanical fault it'll most likely be a cheap fix

How do I go about doing a compression test on a car that is not mine? I'm really optimistic about it being a cheap fix. But if there is is a compression problem how expensive is this likely to be? Its a 56 reg.

it's as easy as asking - tell him you'll pay for the check and get it taken to a local garage, if he wants to sell it he'll agree

if it fails the compression test, walk away, because it'll be piston rings, valves, gasket etc etc

if it is an electrical problem, which it will most likely be, it wont cost much

maybe move the coil pack to another cylinder and see what happens ?

not sure if these cars use coil packs though ?

Thank you very much for your insight colicabcadam. Its very much appreciated and you've given me an action plan too. Love it.

just remember, you have the advantage, not many people are buying 6 litres !!!

i also wouldn't be scared about swapping the sparks around too, a local garage would probably charge about 35 to check all the possible easy fixes

Thank again colicabcadam. You helped me.

misfire on a 6.0 litre

I presume this is a w12 in which case testing for reason behind a misifire wont be cheap.

The intake manifold has to come off to do a spark plug change, so testing a cylinder isnt going to be cheap at all.

It could be as simple as a spark plug or coil pack or it could be as bad as a damaged piston....

good luck...

ps w12 never have a cheap fix... Forum Index -> Audi S8 (D2, D3 & D4) quattro
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