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Missing horses found, wandering around down here somewhere !

Well on the MRC RR day mine seemed to be missing a few horses (not many granted) but they may have been found.
Its' been running badly for about a year and I've been having problems with coolant leaks for about the same amount of time. After a bit of investigation lo and behold the head gasket was blown to 1 water way and between all the cylinders    so that'll explain it then!
Being done in time for ADI hopefully.
How much money can this car swallow ??

Glad to see they are being rounded up and harnessed

Just bend over and take it like a man Trev  


This'll do it.

And smaller amounts to the rest as well.
Finally took it for a spin today after a bit of bedding in and its' a completely different car now, its' got torque below 3000 rpm and doesn't pink etc. In fact its' never felt like this before (well not in my ownership anyway) and it would appear to be better on fuel.
Well thats it anyone want a Golf TDi ?
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