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Dave McB

MJ52OBR Grey RS6 Avant

Hi all.

I'm new to the RS6 scene and currently looking to upgrade from an S8.
Iv had my eye on a few cars for a while but have seen the car mentioned above for sale somewhere else a few months back.
It has a very distinctive badge/sticker on the back
It's up for sale with a dodgy gearbox.
Before I even start to consider it - does anyone know the car?

Isn't this car a cat c or d and I think it's been up for sale for well over a year


Don't consider it!

The money it'll cost you to put right you might as well put it towards buying a better one.
Dave McB

Thanks guys.

The gearbox issue wasn't a problem - I assume it's a dog then?

Im sure this was my mates car. Just trying to confirm! If so was def a cat d. But was a tidy car!

I bought it and after throwing some money at it I now have a gorgeous car!
Well, I think so.
Seller didn't mention cat D but It was picked up on the HPI check luckily.
I used it as a bargaining tool and it had only had very light front damage and thought it needed saving.
Dave McB


What was the sticker on the boot?

Looked a good enough car but needed some money thrown at it.

It was strong money for a car with issues. I hope you got it for a decent amount.

Personally, I wouldn't have bothered about the cat d issues tbh.

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