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MK Meet - Weds 6th July

MK Meet - Weds 6th July, 6:30pm onwards at the Caldecotte Arms, Milton Keynes.    

MK continues its monthly meets through the summer up to and including October before reverting to every other month.  Good turn out last month despite the weather, great to see you all before Le Mans time.  Sadly no photos due to the drizzle, hence pic below from May.

6:30pm onwards, any enthusiast welcome, not just VAG and / or Porsche, usual suspects please post your interest, potential MK meet newbies please post below so we can look out and welcome you!  The meet is posted on RS246, Audi SRS, the S2 Forum and TSN.  As mentioned previously, the food is very much part of this meet, its great to get everyone around a table together - inside or possibly outside for what is our longest daylight meet.  No point staying in watching the football - we aren't in it!

For any newcomers (or forgetful old timers) the Caldecotte Arms pub is by the junction of the A5 and the A4146 right next to the oddly shaped - and now smoothly resurfaced - roundabout under the A5 (great for testing your Milltek). Look for the Windmill! Coming off the dual carriageway, drive down as far as the pub and then turn left towards the outside 'arc' of the car park - the top tier so to speak.

The Caldecotte Arms
Bletcham Way
Milton Keynes
01908 366188


Will I be allowed in a Volvo, or is that "pushing the envelope" a bit too far?  

Re: MK Meet - Weds 6th July

Of course you are!  A long time attendee is bringing an interesting new BMW this month!

Tomorrow folks.    

I'll see how things are tomorrow the; new toy and almost as fast as the S8 (until you get past UK motorway speeds   )

Sorry I couldn't make it, work got in the way! Hope you had a good one.  

Great to see you all, superb weather, although not quite as hot as last Julys 37 degrees!  

10 attendees (another BMW in hiding!) including another new recruit.  Next meet, Weds 3rd August.


Good to see another R26 ! Look good in LY Forum Index -> Events & Gatherings
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