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MK2 Golf MFA and rev counter problems

A friends golf has the problem stated where the rev counter, MFA, all pressure lights etc except for the charge light has stopped working. Anyone have an idea what may be going on?

think theres a fuse for the mfa,clocks could be crackered

Fuse is ok. When fuse 16 is removed, the alt. light doesn't work.
Read loads of shite about disconnecting the battery for 12 hours? Tried this but still no go.

Dash pod has been out. No visible damage on PCB etc...

IIRC I think it's a power supply problem from the fusebox, but then it's been a long time since I've seen that problem.

sure ive seen those exact symptoms from a voltage regulator. maybe not rereading it, but i'#d check the voltage across the battery while its running just to rule it out.

There is a voltage stabilizer on the rear of the cluster - could be that.

VAG Part no 171919803 - easy to replace (screw out, screw in.)

hiltoa's probably right

Also, if you do take the cluster out then change all three(?) bulbs because when you refit it the old bulbs usually die.

I had exactly the same problem years ago. Changed the cluster and the fault was still there. I'm sure it turned out to ba a power supply problem. Just texting a friend for more info...

Check the grounding on the rocker cover at the rear on the passenger side (very common), also do a hard reset by disconnecting the battert for 15 seconds.

All earths to engine ok. Cheers for the info folks

Sounds like the positive/ground feed has gone on the clocks. The golf mk2 used to suffer with the rev counters going on their own, which was the connection to the coil pack. But seeing as pretty much everything isn't working, I would place bets on the power to the clocks.

Find out which one is the feed to the clocks and use a multimeter to see if its live. I would check all fuses as a matter of precaution.

Gut feeling is it's an earth fault somewhere, but I have heard about voltage stabilizers going too.

Lots of info to keep me going. Cheers chaps

Paz wrote:
hiltoa's probably right

Cool, that's my new sig sorted, cheers Paz!  

If i remember correctly, there was a set of Motometer clocks that just ended up being faulty, I had to replace mine for a set of VDO ones.

Which ones has he got??

Don't know. It's a J reg. Had the same problem on another golf too! This one was ok after disconnecting the battery for 24hrs

check all the earth leads are on the r/cover! there are about 4 and one of the is for MFA. Forum Index -> General Car Chat
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