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model differences

Hi all,

i'm new  

Been looking at some 56 and 07 plate S3s.

Some seem to have flat-bottomed steering wheels and others don't, I even saw a 56 plate without alloy pedals, I wonder if this was an A3 in S3 clothing as there seem to be some near-identical S3 replicas out there too...

If someone could advise if there was some kind of facelift between 56 and 07 that would be great, or on any standard / optional differences.

the 56 plates seem to have the round wheel, whereas most of the 07 onwards have the flat bottomed wheel, but i'm sure i have seen one or two 07's with a round steering wheel, hence the confusion here.  

cheers guys.

Yes there were some round wheeled S3's, some people didn't like the fb versions.

Facelift models were only a couple of yrs ago so should be no difference in the 2 your comparing
dave c

Think facelift was 2009 when they came with the daytime running lights and most likely some other bits

mid 08 was facelift for A3 & then in 09 S3 along with the stronic S3 started.

thanks, but I have definitely seen some 07 cars with flat bottomed wheels, and others with round wheels.

so not sure if the flat wheel is an optional extra or not?

Yes it's an option for the MF FB wheel just like everything from Audi it's an extra along with the glass in your windows etc etc.
I'd make sure you get the buckets, nav/tv/Bluetooth, wheel, heated f+r seats and basically as much as poss. I very nearly bought one with al the ticks as it was ex managers demo. Great car! Go for Suzuka grey of you like it  

On pre-facelift models a flat bottomed steering wheel was an optional extra, so some cars will have them and others will not. On facelifted models (distinguishable as they have the LED daytime running lights), the flat bottomed wheel became standard fit. Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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