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Motorsport returns to the Palace

There is going to be a Sprint and historic car show at Crystal Palace on May Bank Holiday weekend.

The sprint track will use part of the old GP circuit which was last used for racing in 1974.

And the best bit is....I've got an entry in to compete

looks like a great event Jeff.

Good luck and enjoy.

Well done Jeff on the entry to a stint on the track.

I bet you remember this race like it was yesterday . . .



Proper racing  I was actually living in Hong Kong at the time so I don't remember (and I was only 10 at the time).  Interesting to note that Gerry Marshal was the last person to win a race at Crystal Palace in 1974 when they shut the circuit.

Rory is gonna be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    


Video about the event....


what a crackin pair of vids you have there.

I thoroughly enjoyed the race and I have to say a virginal murray walker to boot.
great sat night entertainment.

Cheers dude, can't beat a bit of classic racing or rallying from the days when driver skill won the day.

1600 wins over 2.5 and 5.7...........
very true driver skill wins.

Ive got an invite for the event so might be there. Depends if i get round to digging my old golf touring car out.

Good luck mate

My entry for the Sunday has been confirmed

Looking forward to it....

15th Llandow Trackday
21st Mallory 6hr with PaulRS
30th Crystal Palace Sprint

I've received all the info for this event now, including the entry list.   Some really interesting cars going to be competing including a Lancia 037 Stradale in my class ! plus someone with a B7 RS4 in the road-going class.

Sunday looks like the best day for cars so if you fancy a day out come along to Crystal Palace Forum Index -> Motorsport
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