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MRC S4 on Ebay

Apologies if this is a current forum car (doesn't appear to be). Any ideas what the below fault could be? Is it a common problem or a show stopper?

"whilst it was there a faulty shifter sensor was diagnosed,to my knowledge the car changes gear perfectly,the on board computer says gbox fault,but fine to drive.Maybe this effects the speed of the gearchange in automode?
I honestly can't feel anything wrong when driving,not at all,no problems.
To get to the shift sensor is a gearbox out job,for something that is undetectable,and doesn't"need"doing,thats modern cars for you.I am offering the car as it is so that someone gets a bargain and can choose how and when to fix this niggle.
I think really is nothing more than an intermittent light flashing."

Presumably relates to the mechatronics unit(?). As I'm sure you're aware, MRC know their stuff, so would be worth trying to find out exactly what they advised - e.g. something minor just to keep an eye on vs. something that is going to get worse and only rectified with a new mechatronics/clutch/gearbox...

If you're interested in buying it, then probably worth asking the seller to let you see a copy of the paperwork from MRC (and permission to discuss it with MRC directly), plus details of the actual DTC(s), so that you know exactly what type of fault(s) you're dealing with. Did this news prompt the sale?

Would also be worth finding out if it's still on the original gb/mech/clutch that it left the factory with in 2009... If it is, and now that it's on a stage 2 setup and 90k miles, there's a risk this is an early warning sign that it could get pretty expensive, pretty quickly.

There were a lot of mechatronic issues on early B8s, TCU PCB getting cooked or the mech unit itself. Other times it is just the clutch packs that are going. However some cars needed the whole 'box replaced. The trouble is that (from what I have read) it is difficult to diagnose. There have been cases of cars having problems, getting a new mechatronic unit, and the problems still being there.

There are quite a lot of reports about s-tronic box problems on the web so if you do want to take this potential purchase further I suggest doing a bit of reading.

I think it was this one:

It was a forum car I think but can't remember Owner.

Searider wrote:
I think it was this one:

It was a forum car I think but can't remember Owner.

Wasn't Mark (Saint 400) as his was over 100k. Forum Index -> Audi S4, S5, RS 5, RS 4 (B8) quattro
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