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My 1995 Audi S6

started with this:

came with:
RS2 exhaust manifold

Top (you can see how the turbo on the stock one is only fed directly by 3 cylinders)
Lehmann ECU (17psi, 280bhp, 280tq)
034EFI 1.8T Coilpack conversion

Since then, I've junked the 1.8T coilpack conversion for the EFIExpress LS2 Coilpack conversion, added Bilstein/H&R suspension, Porsche 993 Twin Turbo brakes, HIDs, Bosch 110S Diverter valve, an RS2 Turbocharger and the 034EFI RS2 Tuning kit (injectors, wastegate spring, chips, 3bar VMAP sensor)

Cleaned it up a bit: (pre-Porsche brakes)

Dyno chart with the old chip and stock turbo

New dyno charts coming November 13th

Then after that, I have to yank the turbo again and send it in for a rebuild because it's smoking during warmup. I think the turbine side bearings are going... no oil in the charge pipes, big clouds of thick white smoke during warmup though.

Welcome Chapel,nice motor let us know how you get on mate

ended up making 275whp and 298wtq


and an example of the smoke (not as bad as if I had just started it though.

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