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My Blue 2000 s4

Not long ago I posted my imola yellow 99 s4, then last week come across this 2000 facelift S4 Full cream leather + sunroof, Paint work ruff around the edges but a good solid car. The bodywork has seen better days got laqar peal on bonnet and few places on driver side rear and had no MOT. so Original intention was to buy take parts off for my other 2 and break the rest but on the drive back was such a good tight car ill just keep it and tidy it up, got it back took it for a MOT only come out with a ripped CV joint that I repacled at the station

previous owner bought it with turbos gone or going and done a shit load of work has stacks of history from original purchase recipt in 2000 to now.

Spec as follows:
K04 turbos
Upgraded ebay intercoolers
RS4 clutch
3" Down pipes with a full 3" de cat exhaust with 1 silencer don't really like it tbh.
RS4 alloys
Various upgraded pipes n shizzle.
New gear linkages gaskets timing belt water pump oil pump ac delet wishbones and so on.

the car does have a map onit but that was prior to all the work done to it so will be getting another one once I decide what exactly I will be doing.

And here's one with my mates muggy saloon

Not done much, changed the coil packs and new spark plugs, need to get the allingment done as it's all over the place as its been lowered, has lost 8psI of boost aswell since I got it so need to investigate that. Life of the b5 tell me about it

New grill, Standard alloys, nice wash and wax may be putting up on the market

was going to sort body work and stuff but I think I will be concentrating on mu imolas yet to make mind up. Forum Index -> Members' Cars
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