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big eck

My Ibis white B8 S4

Hi folks. Been on here for a wee while but don't post much so thought I'd introduce myself and post a few pics up of my current car. The names Alex and I'm from bonnie Scotland, I'm 39 yrs young, married, with a wee girl.

My previous car was a highly modded mk2 Leon Cupra running revo stage 2+ tune (380bhp/355lbft of torque) which has been away for a few months and this was its replacement.

I was adamant about goin for an Audi. The B7 RS4 was my first choice but the running and maintenance costs of them are horrendous lol so the B8 S4 was the next option after watching a few vids on YouTube, especially the now famous Chris Harris one lol. I originally wanted an avant as I have a 19 month old baby girl and it would be very handy to carry all the baby gear in the back but as it happens the saloon had a bigger boot than I thought and does the job just as well for me. It also had to be Stronic, this was purely down to the cheaper tax band. I just refuse to pay over the odds for tax when other cars in the same brand are half the price lol.

So onto the car itself.

It's a very different beast compared to the Cupra. The Stronic box coming from a manual still catches me out lol. The car itself is awesome, much more civil than the harder Cupra. Mod wise it's been mapped along with a full scorpion exhaust. Inside it's got a shed load of toys, super sport seats, carbon inlays, B&O sound system which sounds amazing to name but a few. An RS6 gear knob and a custom flat bottom steering wheel are the only differences over standard. Got a few things planned but I'm not gonna go full on as much as I did with the Cupra.

A nice drop on H&R super sport springs, 20" peelers although finding the ones with a nice dish is a lot harder than I thought. An intake of some kind and a few outside bits wrapped black. This car will have to be a bit more user friendly than the track spec Cupra. Anyways here's a few pics. The wind deflectors have now been removed. They came fitted on the car but I personally hate them so they're now gone lol. Anyways that's it for now.


Very nice mate


Adam L

Really like that
big eck

Cheers guys.

Bath time now

big eck

Few other pics I took


Luv it mate, i went for the B7 RS4 but i would like a B8 S4 Stage 2 next.

Very nice car my friend, you can find many practical information's about in Audi Forum. Bravo  

Welcome to B8 club car looks very nice but needs stage 2  

Sweet car mate.
big eck

Nez wrote:
Welcome to B8 club car looks very nice but needs stage 2  

I have the exhaust done now so the intake is next. Don't know if I'm gonna go further with the engine power yet. Just want to get the outside how I want it. Forum Index -> Members' Cars
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