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My new toy

I finally got my beast. Iíve been driving it for nearly two weeks and Iím very happy with the cars performance, itís a big step up powerwise from the TT 2.0 TFSI and my trusty BMW 320 (which incidentally was written off by an uninsured Shelia who gave me stationary, a shunt in the bum at a full 20mph whilst sending her text, luckily I was just crawling away with a queue of traffic or me neck would have been snapped proper).

I went through living hell to get this car. Where I live its extremely hard to find a BMW M or Audi S/RS anything like these cars just does not happen around here, so unless you travel to the big smoke youíll be driving a 2.0 TDi Passat if Iím lucky.

Anyway, Spec:  Black, 2009 facelift, 81k, one lady owner, with full Audi stamps.

I love the cars sound which is only stock (I know, I know get a Milltek, Iím still getting my shit together). I love the build quality, interior finish and space, love the boot space, great seats, stereo etc Ė everything makes me happy. Iíll be completely honest, I wanted a 2007/08 R8, but there is no way in hell I could keep a vehicle like that near my house where I live Ė I couldnít get insurance for this thing unless on drive, which is a bit surprising.

So Iím getting a solid 20 mpg during my few times a week  40 mile commute, and that includes driving quite hard, giving the local Z4 and 350Z owners a good seeing too. I guess this v10/5.2 0-60 spec is not really considered at all Ďfastí in a forum like this, but it seems to eat anything alive out there, especially in the mid range - I think its best going from about 30-80ish.

I came to the conclusion that my only real issue is that the car is that itís sooo understated its not really doing it credit, but I guess thatís the point. Even the RS Avant in the same year looks a bit minimal.
I can see it needs an exhaust Mod, brake callipers brightening up (presumably stock is only dull grey?), and maybe something to make it look more hunkered down.

I like the RS grill but is that saying Ďhey I canít afford an RS but I can get the grill). Iím think of getting a light tint on the back windows to give a it a bit more presence Ė has anyone done this Ė good bad idea tint on S6?

Finally, does everyone go through the phase of Ė when getting a new powerful new car for the first time going a bit nuts and just driving it about everywhere with multiple trips to petrol station, until it all wears off a bit 

(will add images when I figure it out )

The other thing I wanted to say is - which I kind of stupidly overlooked at the time, is that buying a car is one thing, but having somewhere decent and safe to keep and maintain it is another, along with increased insurance and road tax. It's not a big deal at end of day, but its made me consider these things next time around.

I was going to ask about depreciation but I won't bore everyone to death.. †

I don't think anyone would think that on the grill I have just fitted one to mine you can always state the lattice style instead  

I've also done the RS grill, 15mm spacers all round for a more aggresive look and carbon dipped a few bits around the dash clocks and rear valance. Also have a new steering wheel in half perforated leather and carbon being made....

RSgrill is definitely a subtle but worthy mod. I had one on my B5 S4 and it looked great. It'll find its way onto mine at some point.
I've got some ABT number plate surrounds that look, again, very subtle but slightly different.

And yes get yourself a BA/Amex card and at least enjoy free airtravel at the cost of the road travel! The smooth power is infectious but its a lot of weight to lug around. It will deal with most things even though its not the most powerful thing on the road. Its not about that though - its more about the overall package of comfort, performance and refinement. I utterly love it. I also love that V10 configurations are uber rare and the engine is ever so slightly bigger than the RS...

As for the tints - I think its not a problem provided you can find somewhere that does a good job. Having a good garage is important to me. I want somewhere where everyone that works there are thoroughly underwhelmed by the car. That way they don't feel they've got to take it for a 20-mile redline testdrive every time it goes in for a service

RS grill

Thanks guys. Can some post pix of s6 with rs6 grill mod and best options to fit/ purchase from.

I forgot to say, mines got this adaptive cruise control on grill, I will never use it and I think it really spoils the grill/ cars looks from front.. just looks messy inho.


There is a good choice on Ebay  the one I  purchased fitted very well

A very moody Web pic.....

I bought mine from here.....fits fine...

Congrats on the purchase matey! Definitely agree with a Amex card and Shell drivers club both linked to an Air Miles account (Avios now). In two years of driving my 2 RS6's I'm halfway to a UK-Australia return trip for 2 for only £300

IanH755 wrote:
Congrats on the purchase matey! Definitely agree with a Amex card and Shell drivers club both linked to an Air Miles account (Avios now). In two years of driving my 2 RS6's I'm halfway to a UK-Australia return trip for 2 for only £300

Very good point which I forgot was my Shell option too - avios for Amex and shell points converted. Free money. No brainer. Forum Index -> Audi S6 & RS 6 (C6) quattro
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