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rs6 hib

my new widebody saloon (you may recognise)

so deposit payed and after leaving the b5 fold 4yrs ago i now find myself back and with a wide body saloon
what i have always wanted cant wait to pick it up

i toyed with so many other cars bmw 135i s 911 etc etc

i have started a thread as there is a few things i want to do to the car as it stands.
i feel my wallet emptying as we speak but sod it you cant take it with you

here is the old build thread

and a couple of pics as the car stands now


Looks epic this car
Andy P

Very nice, glad to see it back on the boards.

Was fortunate enough to get a few laps of Rockingham in this when piloted by Stumpy. Lovely machine  
Adam L

I'd love to own a widebody saloon some day

Andy P wrote:
Was fortunate enough to get a few laps of Rockingham in this when piloted by Stumpy. Lovely machine

I was a passenger at Bedford Autodrome,  that car handles!

Is this the car that was stored at MRC for a while??

A lot of development went into it but will still need some tlc
Awesome car and as said before, defo nice to see it back

Great purchase 👍👍👍
rs6 hib

im going to put some creature comforts back in as will use as a weekend toy

this is the spec at the moment
minus the carbon bonnet and the wheels

AST Coilovers
Porsche 996TT front calipers with Carbone Lorraine RC5 pads & RS6 discs
Audi B7 RS4 rear calipers & discs
Neuspeed RARB + RS2 droplinks
PJ RS6 Turbos
3" custom dual exhaust system (turbo back) - see note above
K&N Large cone air filter with heatshield
Siemens 660cc injectors
Bosch 044 Fuel pump
RS4 Inlet Manifold & system
OEM RS4 body panels (front bumper, side skirts, rear doors, front wings, rear 3/4s)
Seibon carbon fibre bonnet (cost 1000 alone to buy/fit)
Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 wheels in Anthracite (18x9 ET20)
Federal 595RSR tyres
034 GB Mounts
034 Engine Mounts
034 subframe mounts
Devil's Own Water Meth injection
6 point Willans harnesses
Custom welded-in roll cage
Motordrive Carbon/Kevlar bucket seats (only 4kgs each)
Replaced dished steering wheel
Flocked dashboard
Short Shifter
Polycarbonate windows (side and rear)
Custom air vent
New clutch
Fidanza LWFW
Fully polybushed
rs6 hib

plans are

change the color to lambo orange or imola yellow

tubular manifolds
tte 600 turbos
the tuner intake pipes
2.8 head and inlet cam
bigger clutch

then sort interior out keep most the roll cage in and bucket seats  but carpet it and add some sound proofing
Adrian E

Going to put a heating/ventilation system back in?!  Seem to recall the centre console area was devoid of even the basic creature comforts  

Is there anyone Stumpy didn't give a ride to?  I had mine round Castle Combe, which was great fun (and we avoided being speared in the side by an errant S3 on route to the barriers!)

Seen this car in the flesh mate. The paint is spot on in my opinion. So much so i had to buy Jamo's Rs4 when it came up for grabs.

Hope you dont have any speedbumps your way ... it's crazy low !!!

Great motor and great spec ... enjoy !!!


Looking forward to the changes


If you feel you want glass windows back, give me a shout..

I'd like plexi

If you wanted to change the bonnet I'll step in
rs6 hib

Great thanks guys
Full dash going back in with heating

Yes the plexy will be available will give you a shout  
Sorry bonnet not coming with car

Pick up early October


Saw this last week, the current paint job is really nice.Just saying.
rs6 hib

Jimbo said it's nice
I'm wanting most of  the interior bits in and re trimmed

engine out so may as well have it the colour I like as it's stripped that far down
I think I will always wished I had replayed it but we will see Forum Index -> Members' Cars
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