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My Noggy Blue B5 S4

Hello everyone, new to the forum after recently buying an S4. Good little find actually, for some inspiration and seemingly common thread issues.

Anyway, here's a few pics of said Audi:

Had to replace rear shock absorbers for replacements as one turned out to be leaking:


I like the stance...if you ever get bored would you mind measuring the height front and back from floor to wheel arch highest part

*duplicate post, ignore*

Very nice mate welcome to the madhouse


some good little touches I see you have on the Noggy!  

Welcome!  Looks a good one!

So a couple of weekends ago we set off for my 1st track day at my local track which was Pembrey! It was a pretty soggy weekend with non-stop rain, but was light at times. The track was well equipped with soaking up the rain water and turned out to be a brilliant day!

Was a great test for the car, which performed incredibly. 120 litres of Nitro+ and some rubber later we were done. Here are some pics:

Stripped the back end out:

Brake dust filth!

Did have just the one 'off' at 4:30 when i slightly hit the apex a little too sharply and it hit a slight un-eveness off the tarmac surface which unsettled the car and the back end came out. At this point i was doing 100mph through the bend!!

Luckily no damage, and no barriers!

Looks good. What subframes have you used for your seats? They look like they sit quite high?

It's modified A4 seat frames with the seat removed and the side mounts fixed to a welded bracket off the subframe. Works very nicely. They are on their highest setting on the side mounts but are perfect in the car. Feel spot on & im 6ft2

A tyre swap from the PS3's to Pilot Super Sports (or the newer PS4"S") would help with the wet weather performance and massively help the dry performance, plus they seem to last longer than the PS3's too! Forum Index -> Members' Cars
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