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My noggy blue s4 avant facelift

Here is my s4 as she sits

In standard form other than the stage 1 mrc map

Both down pipes have snapped after the flexi but a new eBay stainless system inc new downpipe song came with the car as well as rs4 shocks with h&r lowering springs.

Any plans with the old Girl?

Done a few bits the weekend, fitted the exhaust, what a t**t that is to get the downpipe said off.

Fitted a piper cross panel filter

Got some b6 s4 wheels to go on once I've had them refurbished

Fit the rs4 shocks with h&r springs

Full alignment

Fit the rs4 intercoolers

Full service

Valvet inside, fit new boot carpet, load cover and floor mats

Touch up paint on front + rear bumpers poss front wings too

Take to mrc for health check and stage 2 map

Fit my pioneer dab nav unit, upgrade speakers

Don't tell the Mrs what I've spent 🙈

The last one on the list


the key to future modding!

Hi Cmg-rob, really nice car & beauty color. I advise you to go throw topic of Audi Forum to know more about your jewellery    

Bit of an update, car is now fully on the road.

I've done the following now

Pipercross panel filter
Full service
Stainless turbo back decat system
B6 s4 wheels with 8mm spacers
Rs4 shocks with h&r springs
Set of tints all round
Air con regassed
Wheel alignment

Few more bits left to do another month 🙈

Here she stands now


Nice car looks really tidy. Good luck with her

That looks very tidy!

Looks very nice mate the b6 s4 wheels look sooooo good

Looks very nice mate the b6 s4 wheels look sooooo good

Awesome car
  Fastest colour aswell  

That's gorgeous mate looking forward to seeing updates
just a quick question did you actually do the exhaust system yourself at home ? if so how long did it take you ?

Me and a mate done it on a 4 post ramp, it can be done but the downpipe nuts are an absolute pig to get to and awkward to get out once unbolted

Took us about 4-5 hours I think


That car looks spot on perfect

Was this car advertised on gumtree a few months back?? I seem to recognise the plate. Forum Index -> Members' Cars
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