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My Noggy S4 saloon - Nemo

well, I didnt make a thread when I bought it and realised today I've had the car about a year after selling my S4 black saloon to a member on here I just was plain sad so picked up this noggy also from a member on here a few weeks later.

Its a y2k FL "W" reg. I'm the 3rd owner

I dont have any pictures right now:-(

Mods by previous owner:

Cream electric Recaro leather interior (RS4 style)
Bose sound system with 6 disc cd changer

MRC stage 1 remap
K&N air filter

KWV1 Coilover
H&R anti roll bars with MRC strengthening brackets
rear sub frame was replaced
034 density line front control arm complete kit
Complete rear bush replacement kit

Milltek dual cat back system (sounds awesome)
RS4 downpipes with gutted pre-cats

B7 RS4 front brakes
B6 S4 rear brakes

18 OZ Racing alloy wheels inc spare.
Goodyear F1 Assymetric2 tyres all round

Original RS4 brushed aluminium wing mirrors

Over the recent bank holiday I removed the bumpers and cleaned the hell out of everything that couldve/shouldve been bright noggy blue, pressure washed, clayed, waxed and polished. Engine bay tart-up, removed all little leaves and bits of twig that get into funky places.

Since I've owned it I've replaced:
Headlight bulbs (D2 iirc, 70 for two) old ones seemed dim and took a while to get to full brightness.
Sidelight bulbs (none were fitted when I got it)
Hooters (one was inoperational and sounded like a chipmunk)
One or two small bits of interior trim plastic to get it to 100% OEM (e.g. cover on ODB2 port, seatbelt holder clip - thanks to jimbo)
4 x Wheel centres (OZ racing)
Windscreen washer bottle+pump
Coolant bottle (thanks to noggymike for showing us all how ugly ours were, I got a complex and had to change to a new one)
Coolant cap
Coolant sensor on rear of engine block (G62 sensor)
Bonnet strut
Both boot struts
refurbished both keys into new housings (small minor thing that just makes a big difference)
New S4 logo noggy blue piping car mats
Front right ABS sensor and wiring loom
License plate LED's
Leather gear gaiter replaced

So, thats the full list for Nemo so far.

Still on the todo list:
Boost gauge fitting (got gauge and vent pod already)
rear window triangles need repainting

Gearbox is a tiny bit notchy getting into 2nd when cold. Still contemplating whether this should be done now....or should be done when stg3 calls.
Suspension squeak (I believe this is the rear washer fitted wrong way round problem..will get to it when I get to it..)

I'll add some photos tomorrow.

Well this sounds lovely

great attention to detail  

Pics tomoz or you are in the dog house!

Sounds nice pics needed lol

MOT passed today, no advisories. Roll on xmas! 180k miles and still on k03's.
Stigs dad

Great  work so far ,  be good to see some pictures of your Noggy.

its dirty-ish again though...winter is coming.

(previous owners picture)

for sale thread that got me interested enough to go view it

Also received a headlight washer pump today to fit over the festive period (preventative maintenance), as well as an oil filler cap (the revision with the pressure release part built into it, in case the breather ever blocks)

Next on the list would be new badges..and I'm torn between sourcing the original S4-type badge that this model has, or fitting the newer american style S 4 lettering badge (as on the newer model audi's). Also contemplating black audi rings front and rear, but confused about the different sizes. I should take a ruler and go check, that'll resolve that issue

I;ve also been sitting here over xmas break having a think...I'm starting a new job next year in central london so will have no daily need for a car at all. I think this one is going to Ben at TTU next year until it can spit fire.
Stigs dad

They're starting to go up in price  now so a wise choice to keep it as a weekend  toy. Ko4s or rs6 turbos  ?

I havent thought that far ahead yet.  Just monitoring forums and ebay and it does seem an awful lot of high power S4 conversions get broken/sold within a year of the conversion. So I do know I dont want to chase numbers..much rather have a happy drivable car. A friend of mine has a v8 Vantage Aston, and that feels fast as f*ck with 380hp. I'm not much slower except when I have to change gears:-) Quite frankly anything above 420hp and I'll call it a day, so tune for that with max torque.

My old car - really do miss it  

Really happy that you are looking after it and look forward to your updates  
Stigs dad

Ko4s  would be your best bet with a few other mods and a quality  low boost mapping you'd have around 420 to 430 bhp with total reliability.  That's what I'm  looking at for the end of next year.  Keep the updates coming with what you decide.

madmax2 wrote:

Next on the list would be new badges..and I'm torn between sourcing the original S4-type badge that this model has, or fitting the newer american style S 4 lettering badge (as on the newer model audi's). Also contemplating black audi rings front and rear, but confused about the different sizes. I should take a ruler and go check, that'll resolve that issue

Did exact same to whilst preparing Kyle's Noggy S4 earlier this year.

Get your ruler out
Alex Rhys

Jesus thats beautiful!

so went over a pretty normal speed bump on Thursday at about 20mph and felt a small vibration in the steering afterwards, drove home slowly, about a half mile. Parked up and jacked up the driver front side and lo and behold there a big bubble on the inner edge of the tyre. About the size of a small orange (or a medium tangerine..dependson your unit of measurement)

Googyear Eagle Asymmetric 2 runflats with rim protectors, in very good condition and about halfway through their life.

So onto kwikfits website, bought two new ones, same same (so the front have new matching wear tyres, as the rears are still almost new. Arranged fitting for today.

Kwikfit man pitches up, with two Goodyear efficient grip tyres with no rim protectors. I gave him this look.

and made a grrrrrrrr noise.
ASSYMTERIC 2 WITH RIM PROTECTORS...bought and paid for...watcha bring me this other kak for?

SO apparently (insert bullshit stories here) mr man at office said the tyres I bought and paid for are only for fitment to a mercedes and not an audi and the load rating and speed rating and..(at this point, on the other end of the phone, I was just thinking "this is why people dont trust mechanics"). Not only that, but the OZ supoerlegerras fitted to the car and are known as Carlsson and sold as such for fitment to mercedes so at this point I;m about to do the effing and blinding.

Anyway, I sit down and just have a think, man says they can get assymetrics 3, but I'll have to wait till wednesday, and they couldve sent me the assymetric 2 but I wouldve had to sign a disclaimer (at which point I;m thinking, well, why didnt you...after all, thats what I bought and paid for)

Anyway X2, I let him fit the efficientgrip thingies. Theyre a much smoother ride. Ho0neslty...I'mon KWV3 coilovers and unless the road was smooth the car felt like the front was crashing over small bumps, not a very refined ride, but now it is. I attribute that to these other tyres not being runflats.

But the story doesnt end here, I'm going to add some photos that'll make you think a bit.

[img] [/img]
[img] [/img]
[img] [/img]
[img] [/img]
[img] [/img]

(not sure why img tags arent working, use this link to the gallery instead)

thats the bubble, with the tyre on the rim, and with the tyre off the rim, the bubble is still there, in fact, its actually an inflated bubble. I can squeeze it and it compresses and returns to its normal size, not soft either, pretty pumped up.

And as you can see from the tyre off the rim photos, the bubble is on the outside and extends into the inside of the tyre. How fscked up is that.

And hopefully you can see theres no rim damage....this wasnt a big speedbump or a big hit or anything.

Aching for an explanation. There's air inside the runflat bit of the tyre. And it bubbled and expanded and did this.

email to kwik-fit:
HI guys, I had your fitter come out today to fit two new front tyres to my car, bought and paid for online on Thursday night. The fitter person was an absolute star after kwik-fit sent him out with the wrong tyres.

Bought and paid for: Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric 2 in 225/40/18 fitment with rim protectors

Man arrived with: Goodyear Eagle efficient grip in 225/40/18.

After some to-ing and fro-ing with some other man on the phone who said the tyres I picked, which were on my car already arent allowed on my car and are meant for a mercedes and he would have to get me to sign a disclaimer (which is sort of understandable), except for the fact that there wanst a man in front of me with two Assymetric 2 tyres and a disclaimer to sign, there was a man with two tyres I didnt order and didnt want on my car. But wait, there's more..if I wanted the tyres I bought and paid for, they may arrive on Monday night. This is at odds with your website. So basically someone is talking utter b*llocks.

So here my order reference number
I paid 120 per tyre, and you fitted tyres which sell at 86 a tyre. Please refund me the difference for the two tyres I had fitted today that I didnt ask for. I, like most people, need 4 black circles on my car for it to move forward to get me to work and back, so please refund me price difference for the tyres you fitted that I didnt want, compared to the tyres I did want but which you decided are henceforth shrouded on mystery.,

Please also let your web team know they can simplify the buying process by only have one dropdown box by the tyre selector screen. It should only have "black", and then you can happily send out any stuff you have in stock. Because when I ask specifically fro Goodyear Eagle Asymmetric 2 with rim protectors in 225/40/18 and pay for them, thats not what you send out, so why bother.

Enjoy your evening, and please let me know when to expect my roughly 80 refund. Forum Index -> Members' Cars
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