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My Ring lap. B7 RS4

Taken last weekend (04 Sept 11). I had a PAX on baoard so only going at 80%.


awesome mate

Good lap there matey.

sounds wicked mate.

Sounds mental, can't wait for next trip!!

Yep sounds lush.

And a tad wet at the end?
Was that with the Oz/888 combo?

Thanks for replies guys.

Carl yes mate 18s with 888s. I did 4 wet laps in them (down pure) and that was interesting.
big mac

You are a brave man sonny cause it must have been like driving a river out there and on r888 you are my hero loved your motor and the sound in that video is awesome nice lap shame you got held up

Wow, these B7's really do rev all the way up nicely. Sounds feking brilliant. Nice lap. About ˝ way though the video.

fab !
and the car sounds like a monster !

Great video and incredible lap mate Are the suspension also oem or coilover?

Thanks for the replies guys.

@Cos, car is on KWV3s and uprated ARBS, 18'' OZ with R888.

I saw very flat cornering I also want coils so kw v3 takes one more vote!Again great lap mate

Nice lap. What's with all the barrier by the old pits??

RSPaul wrote:
Nice lap. What's with all the barrier by the old pits??

Superbikes was on at the south loop so T13 gets narrowed to accommodate the north part of that track.

Sonny that looked really quick.  Sounds awesome too

marc1 wrote:
Sonny that looked really quick.  Sounds awesome too

Cheers, I think it would have been a low 9, That was my 3rd Ring visit, so still dot have the confirende to keep it planted on the long straights, im still lifting off. I think I need some down force aids  

However I still got to drive my car home at the end of it, and I was happy with the lap.

I had a Go-pro cam set up, but the footage came out really bad as I had it set to far back in the car. Forum Index -> Car Videos
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