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My RS's long lost older sibling

And this is the reason for all my questions of late. on VW Tourans! The RS has a long lost and much needed older sibling to take the pressure off her.

Picked it up yesterday and must admit, I quite enjoyed the drive.

It's a 2005 Sport DSG model.

Absolutely gutted it doesn't have the heated seats but depending on how much they'd cost to get fitted I may get them done at a later stage. Also going to consider a remap - again depending on cost. And maybe a few subtle cosmetic mods. Would love to get the look of the VW Transport surfer vans. I did though say to wifey that I would not mod this car so gotta find a few excuses.

A few niggles to sort out - the passenger doors do not open unless you press the unlock button 3 times! Odd, but I'm hoping it's just a VAGCOM job. The dashboard compartment rattles a little when first driving off. Other than that, all else seems OK (touch wood)!

I really did not want to be a 2 car family! But hopefully the RS can now sit on the drive and rest a little.

Blimey, you are brave buying a DSG of that era!    

2.0 TDI PD 140?  Same as our about-to-depart A3  

It's the 2.0 PD140. And I agree with the DSG gamble. But what can possibly go wrong, hey!    

But was fed up of all the clutch in, clutch out action in London traffic. And also needed the rear seats, so bought it and have kept my fingers crossed since.

Have slowly been noticing annoying things though. The most annoying is, once the rear seats are up you can't fit a 2 year olds normal sized push chair  

Good things - even though I'm 5ft 10, I can fit in the rear seats  

Don't worry about it mate! Nothing wrong with the older dsg boxes!
Mrs' hasn't caused us one single problem in over 4 years even with the remap. All I can say it the dual mass is starting to rattle now, but it's done over 130k! We've done nearly 40k in it so we really any complain.

Thanks for the reassurance CJ I have enough sleepless nights because of the RS

On the 2005 model, do you know if it's possible to adjust the number of keyfob unlock button presses to unlock the passenger doors? Right now, I need to press the unlock button 3 times to unlock the passenger doors. The passenger door opens on one press. I don't have VAGCOM but I hear on some models y can do it via the trip computer buttons.

Also having issues with the cumulative MPG total. It seems to reset the total itself when I turn off the ignition. I had 45 mpg after a trip. Then next day, during a journey of sensible driving it had dropped to 25 mpg.

I'm hoping this can be adjusted via VAGCOM or the trip computer buttons.

Try disconnecting the battery, I've seen them go out of sync on the doors like this before on the locking.
Failing that you can defo soft code the locking to the way you want it to operate.
As for the trip computer that sound normal, but you do have two modes with the thumb button, you'll get a little 1 and 2 and one is from reset and one resets every day.

Thanks CJ. Alas can't afford to disconnect battery as I don't have the radio code and can't live without it. It's radio or the missuz What is soft coding?

The trip computer is similar to our Audi's so know about the modes. But the thing is both modes modes reset on start-up. Could it be a VAGCOM thing where I programme it to not reset on startup?

Got a say, I'm quite enjoying driving this thing Forum Index -> Members' Cars
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