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My RS3

Have been looking for the right car for a few weeks now and eventually happened across this one yesterday.

Registered 28th May 2012, fully loaded spec, delivery mileage but at a great discount off list due to a cancelled lease order. Bit the vendor's hand off as it's exactly my spec.

Going to drive her standard for a while and then weigh up the tuning options.

I envy you mate.
Would love an RS3 but they are crazy money here and quite rare as well.

Enjoy your purchase!!!

Nice car, very nice.

Now that looks like bags of fun.
Adrian E

Liking the 5 door over the 3 a lot at the moment - seems to have loads more rear legroom and added q car appeal was looking at these in Crawley Audi y'day as they've got a few s/rs3

Definitely in the best colour

Alex@Fontain wrote:
Definitely in the best colour

x2 -defo, 5 door aswell.
verrrry nice.

Well done T2FOO, lovely bit of kit, even better with discount!    So its basically half of the V10 RS6 engine you had? Bet it wont be half the fun, remap is a must imho! enjoy mate, dont forget to give us a write up once you've had a play

Rasss-4 wrote:

5 door aswell.

Only come in 5 door mate.

Agreed though, best colour for that car. Love it!
RS 3 would be the next Audi I'd have if I could justify keeping the RS 4 also to the other half.   That's just greed though!

nice 1 Tone !

Very very nice

Very lovely indeed.

1 word - JEALOUS

Good work Ton, I'M lucky enough to have had a spin in QST's MTM/Miltek development car... F U N !!  

I know this is old now, but what a car! Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8P) quattro
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