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My S4 B6 Cab Project

This is fairly small project compared to some on here! But this is going to be my own work (where possible), massage my OCD and get my V8 beauty up to show condition hopefully. She has beautiful clean lines and is perfectly understated, but there are some improvements/changes to be made for her 11 years so far. She’s done just 47,000 miles so there many more years to go yet with her hopefully!

I had quite a dilemma with the wheels. I am not properly keen on them to look at, BUT they are the factory standard unique for this model/year, they are very good quality (no damage) and very easy to clean!
As such I have decided (for now) to keep them...

So far:

Steering wheel – This was very tired looking. I cleaned the leather with Gliptone but it was still “shiny”, very hard and has a couple of marks and scuffs that were not going to be sorted with cleaners! So I removed it and shipped it off to Royal steering wheels for a re-trim:

So she went from this:


Marked position:

Cleaned up the airbag unit:

Removed and cleaned the badge:

The wheel was re-trimmed and re-fitted so it’s now perfect like this:

I am currently doing:

REAR END – Like many (I suspect) The B6 Rear need to have the B7 Lights, quad pipe rear diffuser and quad tailpipes. My exhaust is in great shape so I am loathe to “bin it” just yet and replace it – not sure which replacement system I would put on either, so I have ordered the rear lights and the quad  diffuser this weekend. I will be spraying the diffuser black and fitting and I have a performance garage which is going to remove the old (2-into-1) tailpipes and fit new pairs giving the quad finish.

INTERIOR Light bulb replacement – I have ordered all the LED’s and will be replacing all the internal and number plate bulbs for LED ones.

The number plate lights are nightmare!! Should be a 2 minute job – remove a single scre in each and replace the whole unit.. Both screws are rounded completely so I cannot get either out (This wasn’t me) and the o/s one I could not even see the screw – it was buried under, and the light unit bung’d in place with some horrible sticky black mastic crap:

Thanks for looking, c&c welcome


Looking good so far!

Snap, I have a B6 cab in Red!!!

Love what you have done so far.

Where did you get the interior bulbs from? I ordered some last year and the company sent the wrong bulbs 3 times therefore I got bored and gave up, need to get round to doing it.

Hi richg,

I will post a full update this evening with a bit of luck but I bought them from Horizon LED's - they also do a kit for all the interior lights to replace with LEDs...

The Number plate ones are here:

and the kit is here - NOTE on this one when you order just put in the order comments that you have a B6 and they will send the right ones:

Hope that helps

That's awesome Ben.

Did you have any issues with bulbs (ie errors), I have read a lot on here about vag issues?

Looking forward to another update tonight, I must do the same myself but just never seem to find the time!

Thanks Rich

Hi Rich.

No none at all. I had read the same so I know what you mean. I went to Horizon as they are a supporter or "" which is the other main forum I frequent   (It panders to my OCD for cleaning my car   )
and they assured me they are canbus rated etc.

Sure enough I have replaced all the interior LED's as well as the number plate ones and have had no issues/warning at all.
So I am happy to recommend these.  


I have got to the bottom of the issue on the rear number plate light housing.
The piece itself is cast in aluminium and then they screw in metal screws, they fuse together over the years and you have completely irremovable screws.

I have ordered a new part and will post an update on that and its fitting next week. So onto the interior LEDs...

I ordered a complete set from Horizon LEDs:

Plenty to do! I essentially to a quick gander at this video:

All you need is a soft pry tool, I ordered this little set from Ebay:;ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT

I have added a few shots here as the S4 B6 Cabriolet has slightly different main interior lights. You still just gently prise out the main unit, I then unplugged the cable as its easier to work on it and swapped the bulbs for LEDs:

The footwell ones and the glovebox one were a little or awkward to reach but all done in the end.
The lights I replaced came to:
2 x Vanity mirror
2 x overhead map lights
2 x footwell
2 x under rear of front seats
2 x Red door lights
1 x glove box
1 x boot

I will try and take photo’s of the lights when its darker! In the meantime thanks for looking


So I picked up the goodies I ordered from TPS:

A new quad pipe rear diffuser to replace the current dual pipe one:

New “B7” model Rear light units:

And the conversion cables:

First thing was to get the new diffuser professionally sprayed and clear coated in gloss black. Had that done and fitted – its only 4 screws – Looks awesome, very pleased:

It goes in on Thursday to have the quad tips fitted.

Now, on to the lights and a bit of a problem – hoping someone on here can help..
The lights were simplicity to fit, Just remove the cover cap and the retaining bolt from each one:

The using my soft pry tool just pop out the unit and disconnect the cable plug:

Sockets needed a clean – I guess they have never seen the light of day in 11 years!

So a good clean, then a spot of AS Topaz to shine and seal:

So I connected the converter cable dongles and fitted the new rear lights. The brake lights and rear lights work but I am getting errors on the DIS and no lights working for reverse and Fog lights.

Am I doing something wrong?
Has anyone had a similar issue?

As always any advice and comments would be much appreciated – I will post a separate thread on this rear light issue…


Quick update, sorted the issue with the lights - Turns out, although not labelled, and no instructions included, the cables are specific for n/s and o/s. I swapped them over and hey presto, all perfect!!

So the rear has gone from this…

…to this:

Lastly for this update I bought my good lady a present…

Sorry for the poor photo – I had put the car back in the garage! – this should stop her long flowing locks from getting a bit hectic when on the motorway. For some reason it doesn’t bother me.

As always any advice and comments would be much appreciated.
Will update again next weekend when hopefully the quad tips and all done and welded in place…

All the best

very nice upgrades, by chance do you have the part number for the rear diffuser?

Hi David 1980,

Thanks for the kind comments.

Sure the part number on the invoice is 8H0807521F1RR

RRP lists at £179.03 and I paid £162.02+VAT


Finally had the exhaust tips done. bad weather here so just one photo for now.

So they have gone from this:

To this:

I am chuffed to bits!
The welding needs to settle and given a good run on the commute on Monday then it will pop back for some final alignment adjustments and she's all good.

Loving that much more purposeful rear end that finally looks like there's a V8 up front

C&C always welcome

Excellent work!

I love little touches that keep a car 'fresh'.

As you say, it definitely stands out from the base models now.


bboy82 wrote:
Excellent work!

I love little touches that keep a car 'fresh'.

As you say, it definitely stands out from the base models now.

Thanks very much for the kind comment    

Welcome to the forum, nice B6 with some nice subtle mods, I used to have a B6 avant which I tweaked a little


I'm about to bite the bullet and buy my rear light upgrade with the same kit.. Which side does the loom with the brown earth cable go?

Cheers Greg

Great job! All the great work! As photo shows attention to detail

wow, looks reallly cool.

Your car looks awesome!


Can't wait to see how everything turns out. Forum Index -> Projects and Builds
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