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My S4 saloon (Large pics inside)

Ive had this written up for a while, but thought I'd leave it until I was closer to getting it back, its been away for quite a while

I never planned on buying an S4 in the 1st place, i was looking for an Elise or Exige at the time.
I wanted a small, fun 2-seater. I wasnt even particularly taken in by the pictures of this car when a work mate pointed out that he was selling it.

The car in question is a '98 preface-lift saloon in ming blue pearl, sitting on 18" B7 RS4 reps.

A small cog in the back of my head started turning. Surely a big, heavy saloon car would never attract attention... From ricers, racers or even to an extent, the police. And that was it; i had to at least have a look, with the money in my pocket...

It seemed to be in good condition and so I took it.

Ive lost interest in the mechanical side of things, got sick of fixing beetles. This car also offered the opportunity of something i could stick in a garage to get fixed.

A few of you on here will have heard that 1 of my turbos seized not long after i bought the car. (3 months, with no symptoms other than a boost leak which I traced to the tbb then fixed)
The sticking point, which I only really realised after the failure i didnt want (and no offense) apprentices in a dealer or normal garage working on this car. Or even full mechanics who have grown complacent. So I made use of the AA’s “relay” service to get it down to MRC in banbury, who after some research were said to be "the" specialist for the S & RS4s.

So I talked to Lucas, who talked me through the possibilities within my budget. Straight swap, k04’s or RS6, and various different options with intake, exhaust etc. So it was between k04s and RS6 really, k03s werent a true option.
Meanwhile the guys in the garage stripped the engine out to check it over:

Engine out

Oil behind cambelt

Again, looking suspiciously oily, and corroded

Oily hoses :/ not entirely sure of what they are

The engine was then completely stripped, cleaned, inspected, then rebuilt.

Sourced a set of relatively new but refurbed RS6 turbos, had them modified to fit the S4, and hot side housings swapped for RS4 units for a better spool up time.

MRC intake pipes and tubular exhaust manifolds.

Engine rebuilt with uprated rods, rings, bearings, honed bores, full new cambelt and water pump service.

Difference speaks for itself really doesnt it!

The engine will also be treated to:
All new seals and gaskets (obviously!)
3" catless downpipes, link pipes and true dual Milltek which tapers to 2.75 at some point and ill be using middle and back boxes,
MRC front mount intercooler,
New 2001.5 intake manifold,
RS4 airbox, y-pipe & induction kit,
APR Bi-pipe,
Low compression head gaskets,
630cc injectors with spray patterns matched,
10 bar fuel pump,
RS4 engine and gearbox mounts,
MRC stage 2 clutch kit,
Lightweight flywheel,
New oil cooler,
Afterrun pump mod (low level temp switch),
New 710n divertor valves,
Slim-line air con fans,
And finally a proper map.

While the cars there, ive got them to fit:
New rear calipers, pads and disks (rear calipers were a bit siezed, I’d already done the fronts),
New steering rack (power steering failed after a few weeks, ordered pump and rack and the pump sorted it. Seemed a waste to have a new rack going to waste)
Heavy duty anti roll bars, front and back,
ARB support brackets,
ESP drive train stabiliser,
Drop links.

This was round about the time that my work went really quiet, and the build had to be put on hold.

This is how the car looked when I got it home after buying and then valeted.


Another unfortunate victim of 'The Curse of the Ming Blue saloons'.

I feel your pain! (and have done many times over)

As much as I love how stealthly these cars are, especially after seeing PaulyRS4's Im loving these in widebody..

Ok some pics of the car how it sat when I went down and visited recently:

FMIC mounted up

FMIC Near side pipework

FMIC Offside pipework + oil cooler

Oil cooler in place of IC

OS intake

New Fanimold

APR Bi-pipe

Side on

NS intake


Welds on exhaust

Flexi back

Awkward photo to take

Relatively clean for a 10yr old car I think


FMIC and pipework will be painted black and bumper regrilled, not sure with what yet though.

Ill need to save up and get the suspension etc done, strip out the subframe out at the same time, give everything a tidy up

Nice What power output are you expecting....550ish?

excellent work there lewis. did you leave the top end std ??

Couldnt afford to add better heads so they (and cams) are stock.

After many phone calls and lots of changes, I said around the 500 mark, over it would be nice.
But it had to be reliable and had to have scope for more at some point far in the future, thats why we settled on those turbos etc

The email I got from Doug says this:

"It is running 25/26 psi to 23psi at redline - 430 on the maf – I would say 530 to 540bhp and 530ft/lb ish."

whats the timing doing at top end??

Are the 3" catless downpipes MRC's own?

Nice figures, that's going to feel pretty quick

jimbo wrote:
whats the timing doing at top end??

Not got a clue Best leave that one to Doug...

si_hill wrote:
Are the 3" catless downpipes MRC's own?

Cant remember now, although I seem to remember Millteks name being mentioned. Cant seem to find any bigger than 2.5" ones on their site though so will check on this.

Adam cheers, Im sure it will. Doug took me out to run some logs on a similar spec car which was ridiculously quick

To be honest, my aim was for a high torque figure.

and hot side housings swapped for RS4 units for a better spool up time.

Ok this was the plan but in the end wasn't done, so its not a set of hybrids thats on there but a set of RS6 snails.
The one thing I didnt like with the K03s was coming off a damp/wet roundabout in 2nd gear, boost tends to kick in and the tail kicks out  

Just noticed this thread. Seriously nice work there. What a car it will be! Have you got the car back now? Be interesting to see what you make of the straight RS6 blowers. If my RS4 / RS6 hybrids ever show signs of wearing out, it might make sense for me to go for straight RS6 and get a bit more power.

Car will be back very soon, although im probably going to be avoiding these forums for a while. I think you lot might possibly be salesmen/women and i am very easily swayed!


carpy wrote:
Seriously nice work there.

I unfortunately cant claim any part of the work, all down to MRC.
I literally can not post up here exactly how much these guys have done for me.
Doug has had an immense amount of patience and without a doubt anyone else would have lobbed me out.

Having only driven this car for a couple of months as standard, mostly old bugs and a gto previously, I am going to have to relearn how to drive.

Well done mate. I know your car was at MRC for a while so bet you are glad to finally have her back

Also any chance of getting some video?? Keen to hear that exhaust.

Shouldn't this thread be in the Members Cars section?

Nice write up.

Given the documentation the project and builds thread might be better. I anticpate seeing gallery type pics only when I look in Members Cars.

Graham wrote:
Given the documentation the project and builds thread might be better.

Fine by me

LOL. Make sure you've got a good clear stretch of road ahead when you plant the throttle for the first time! That's going to be a seriously quick car.

I thought I better run it past the b5 lot 1st
Ill maybe stick some pictures in the Members Motors section when its finished. Its far from finished.

As for the video, Ill get one up as soon as I can.
The down and link pipes were custom made to fit these turbos and exhaust, so should be interensting. I actually questioned why they cost so much, not realising this. After seeing Mark's (confusionhunter) build thread and his tribulations making his up I understand the problems faced making these up to fit properly.

Mark could you maybe stick something in the title to warn of the high pic content please I forgot.

Cheers for the comments!
I will be being extremely cautious with this. Absolutely and without question I will be watching my speed. Next mod is cruise control, and my foot's in built one doesnt work.

MilkybarKid wrote:

Mark could you maybe stick something in the title to warn of the high pic content please I forgot.


Thats a very nice engine rebuild, i want one!  

get yourself some hammerite  and waxoyl for under the car..... a lot of surface going on there.


Realey good thred bud, it is going to fly when she is finished.  Just needs a wide body conversion now!!!

S4 wrote:
get yourself some hammerite  and waxoyl for under the car..... a lot of surface going on there.

Tell me about it Definately cleaned down and waxoiled when its back.
Hoping to get away with getting rid of as much surface rust as possible on suspension arms/subframe etc and using waxoil unitl I can afford to get the lot stripped out, all new bushes and probably powder coat/paint the lot.

PaulyRS4 wrote:
Realey good thred bud, it is going to fly when she is finished.  Just needs a wide body conversion now!!!

LOL stop it Cheers though, it will do, unfortunately it wont stop very well for a while so thats another reason to watch the speed. Still as Ive said all along, a stock S4 will stop from 70 just as fast as a 500hp one!

Insurance will kill me on this, but something Ill just have to pay and get over it as I dont want to be doing anything dodgy, if something was to happen I cant afford to lose this thing.
Because of the points, mods, etc I have to get it trackered to insure it. Obviously it wont be done until I get it back but within a month or so. Thankfully I fitted some nice security upgrades in the garage I have  

Ditto - I had trouble getting insurance. Most specialist companies wouldn't touch such a heavily modified car with so much power on tap and me with 9 points at the wheel. Ended up costing me £1000 with all mods declared properly, and that's with a tracker installed also.

It's great fun talking to the girls on the phone who are detailing all the modifications in order to get a quote -

Arrow Racing Conrods sir? Is that the tyres?

Err no love - just write it down....

dyno run

Aha so thats why your forum name is the Milky bar kid!  

Seriously nice motor, i think i have seen that at MRC, Mmmm 500+bhp  

massive watch

If you have been at MRC over the last YEAR (near enough, since September) youll possibly have noticed it.

Well spotted Matt

Will get it on rolling road soon, when the bank balance picks up at least.
First mod when I get it back is body coloured mirrors.

Cheers guys

think pauly was selling some of these in the right colour

Job got postponed (then cancelled) so last minute decision led to me flying down today and picking the car up so will get a couple of videos up tomorrow.

Really awkward at first but once I adjusted the seat from the "Doug" driving position I got used to the clutch a bit better!
Took it relatively easy on the way up, didnt bother looking for any private roads just straight home.
Not very exciting but I cant afford my insurance to go up any more!

Got a set of the mirror housings sitting here, came with the car. Cheers though
TDI badge also here unfortunatley it was a VW one so has the red I but what the hell.
Will be making a body coloured mould to fit over the rear S4 badge and attach it to that for when I want less attention (or to scare people more )
How many people are going to notice the difference out there? Probably just the ones that can tell its not an A4 either

My mornings work:

These ones are a lot bigger pics, so click for the full size versions


What you think chrome or body coloured housings?

nice - shes a sleeper!

did you get the coilovers fitted>?

Cant afford em yet mate, Ill be picking up the brakes before i think about suspension.

Surprise vet bill and having to get a tracker fitted ruled out paying you a visit unfortunately, but will be down asap, just experienced my first "oh shit" from brake fade!

whenever suits you fella - they are not going anywhere

Cheers mate!
Good news........

I just found out my big sister just got herself an A4!

Ok doesnt sound all that good, was relatively pleased with her choice to get rid of the astra for it.

Was extremely pleased to find that she has picked up a 2.4!!! Wooooo May have to reconsider selling that RS TB  

Loving my torque though  

Another happy customer then  !!!!

Extremely! Nice meeting you by the way.
Get everything sorted?

Whats a job like this cost? 10k ish ?

Quite a bit more mate.

Turbos & injectors were £2k, modifying turbos to fit was near enough £200 each. RS4 intake setup cost over £1k, then I decided against using some of it (TB etc) and they are now back up for sale.

I sent/had sent new steering rack £800ish, ESP DTS £140? etc down.

MRC supplied the majority of the rest of the parts.
While they were in there, they replaced any parts that were on the way out, which included ARBs (replaced with heavier ones and support brackets), rear calipers/pads, full waterpump/belt/tensioners etc. Thats as well as all the rebuild and upgrade parts for the engine.

Then all the things you wouldnt really think about the prices of like head gaskets, head bolts, bearings, oil filters, oil and petrol for the run in, coolant, ps fluid, brake fluid, new bolts for suspension etc etc etc.


your a long time dead

Did a FATS run last night, only managed 1 direction because a couple of planes wanted the runway to come in to land.

Didnt have anything to log with yet so set up the camera, filmed it and got the timer on the vid to do the work. Not the most accurate but still

Hit a 2.95 on incline at 17.5degC.
Definately got more in it.

MilkybarKid wrote:

Did a FATS run last night, only managed 1 direction because a couple of planes wanted the runway to come in to land.

   you use Glasgow airports runway? or the M8 running at the bottom of the runway heading to Greenock?

could you do a forum runway meet?

how cool would THAT be    

what about Prestwick, it has a longer runway

WOW cool thread, for a cool car!

You muct be well pleased with the power you got on tap there mate. Car looks good too. . . . i love the FMIC and laser cut number plate.

Gives the car a little something extra in the looks department, but not too 'in your face' to attract too much attention.

gotta say it looks fantastic, and must go like the clappers! Is there much spool up time/lag wioth the straight RS6 turbos then or is it not really noticable?

Good job man.


Sorry, cant say where it was will get someone into bother.
Can only say that it was a one car, one time shot. Was a particularly long runway though Called in an old favour, worth it even for 1 run I recon, better than getting caught on public road.

Not sure about the meet but will look into it.
Working airport, not disused so would have to be at night if we wanted to use the runway, then possibility of having to cover costs of ambulance for that time etc.
During the day I doubt the runway would be open to abuse.

Cheers Ash    Power is just awesome. Have to say there really isnt much in it low down from the stock setup, yes they kick in slightly higher up the revs (and im not even sure where it is, im too scared to look down from the road!)
Plenty power down low though then starts kicking in I think from about 3k and from there the power is just so constant but still so so smooth.

Its noticeable if you are driving along in a high gear / low revs obviously but driving through the gears its right on the button for every shift. (im still getting used to the switch/clutch though so my changes arent too hot!)

Ive always been into sleepers, these I have to say have to be one of the best!

My mate was round to price up an alarm system for my flat and the garage today, safe going in for docs/keys aswell. Saying that, I sleep with the keys under my pillow normally anyway! Bugger letting the bstrds have the car without a fight. 2ft x 3/4" breaker bar beside the bed aswell  

Tracker should be fitted by next week aswell.

Was out and about the other night, bloody hundreds of marked cars about (later found out there had been a bank van robbed of 20k and they got away), hardly got a 2nd glance from any of them. Love it.

Bank van robbed of 20k? Is that to pay for the widebody and then some??

Ha! Funny coincidence that the work on the car just cost about that...

I didnt want to say it...

MilkybarKid wrote:


Props for telling it like it is! A lot of people don't want to share that type of thing I was just curious! And about 10k out !!

Nice spec must go like stink

S/RS ownership is not a cheap hobby. Especially when the tuning bug bites!

Cheers, yeah I wouldnt like to say less then someone goes and buys one thinking yeah itll be cheap as chips to pull some extra power out.
We do live in a blame orientated culture!

I can see where companies come from not putting out exact figures, different cars cost different amounts to work on, even the same models, some suffer more corrosion etc so take longer to fix then the corroded parts should be replaced, some can be in almost perfect condition. Also prices change almost constantly from suppliers.

There are definately cheaper ways of doing it.
Reason I went for RS6's and added some expense now on extras to make them work properly was that when I want to go for more power all I will have to change are the heads, inlet manifold and throttle body, bigger injectors...

Could have left the rods etc out and just gone k04 but wouldnt have had as much scope for improvement.

Ok, my next mod has started, I have talked about this, possibly not on here but I cba reading back!

Its not finished but here goes:

Can you guess what it is yet?



ScottR wrote:
Another unfortunate victim of 'The Curse of the Ming Blue saloons'.

I feel your pain! (and have done many times over)

Ive just had a look at the service book when I spotted the "paint code?" thread... I have been thinking this was Ming blue aswell... aparently not:


After i'd posted that I took a look at these photos at home.  It looked Ming Blue on my work monitor because the red filter doesn't seem to work properly.

I think it looks more like Merlin Purple than Santorin Blue.  Looks completely different to the likes of Loomx's.

Guy I bought it from told me it was ming blue, who was I to know better

Had the car cleaned the other day by a mate with OCD


Then took a run out to see my mate who was working nightshift. Grabbed a takeway while I was there and Andy asked if I would take his boss out for a spin as he was all smug from buyin a near enough new Fabia VRS. Not a problem mate!

Engine was still nice and hot, took it easy round the roundabouts (polomint city up here) then on the first straight (private road owned by a company obviously!) I nailed it.

As the boost kicked in through 2nd could see Andy's boss out of the corner of my eye reaching rather speedily to his chest  and grabbing at the seatbelt for a bit of security!
Slowed for the next roundabout, looked over and hes about the shade of skinned milk! "Let me take a breath before you do that again!"
So I did, this time he managed a scream!
Couple of big straights down that way, right round at the end and started heading back, passed a clio.
"That was a V6" I hear from the back. (I was 4 up, full tank of Tescos finest and the boot loaded, 2 in the clio)

Round the roundabout and caught him at the next one, recognised it, was my mate! (He must work for the same company obviously...)
Had a quick chat then had a head to head. I buggered up the change into 3rd gear on the 1st run, and he had been a couple of car lengths in front anyway. Lag, lag, lag, HOWL! The snails kicked in as the little clio got to a good 20m in front. As soon as the boost kicked in it was game over, passed him like he was glued to the deck!

Couple more runs and it was clear that although my gear changes werent great, whether he got the jump or not there really wasnt any point. So we did it a couple more times!

Stopped off to let the brakes cool down. Jumped out the car to have a quick check round, the brakes were glowing red, smoke pissing off the pads. Oops! Watched a fly flying into the nsf disk and exploding!

Waited for the smoke to clear and went our separate ways, pulled away nice and easily worked it up to about 50% throttle to about 3.8/4k and.... Nothing but a big hesitation. Felt much the same as when my TBB split only I dont have a TBB anymore, its an apr bi pipe. Anywhere above 30% throttle and it was doing the same.

Limped back to drop them off and a slow drive home to cool off. Got my mate to check for codes a couple of days later, hadnt needed the car since. No codes showing. I come on here looking for a boost leak tester!

Decided this would be a good time to get the intercooler and pipework off to paint up. My thinking was that it was going to get done anyway, and if it had been one of the samco hoses that had popped off then there was a good chance that when I reinstalled that it'd sort it.
Heres the results

Latex gloves masked on to stop paint from hitting the sealing faces or going in.

All dry and maskers peeled off.

Lhs painted and back on.


Bumper back on


yeah, didnt you get offered the modified bottom pipes, they tuck in much better. i had the ones like youve got at first but you cant get bottom grilles on. il dig out some pics. 8)before



Nope wasnt on offer at the time (was one of the first things ordered back in september. Not sure when the other ones came out). Sent the car down then collected parts, kinda the wrong way to go about it!

I can get the grill surrounds in, just not to bottom section of actual grill. \/ Before:

That looks damn good Jimbo

cheers lewis. i sent mine back to doug for a week to be modified which included a long 45 degree bottom rubber hose instead of the short straight one and the steel pipes were shortened and made to come in from a sharper angle.

Jimbo I think Ill look into that when I get everything else finished and go to regrill, cheers for the heads up.

New tires on today, all thanks to my company
Right then lets see who the tire tread whores are

Got some of those clamps Mark, more stripping the intake but its all practice right!

goodyear f1 gsd3


godam straight in there spot on  

hi going next thursday so i can try and tap you whare this airport is..lucky boy

Should be there.
May be tempted with a coffee aye

Anyone fancy doing a photoshop of these on my car?  

What size are those mate!?


MilkybarKid wrote:
Anyone fancy doing a photoshop of these on my car?  

Anyone up to it? They are OZ magnesium wheels, the guy thats got them says he carried them all into his workshop in one go, so they are pretty light. et49 and 5x114.3 pcd, so could probably get adapters in there if I get them. All depends if they look good on the car though.....

They would looked awesome with stretched tyres + slamed, euro look but would that give good day to day drivability...

Uber kool wheels dude, are they Merc fitment?


but no, jap crap 114.3 :/ means they get spaced out with adapters though no chance am I running wobble bolts. will need spigot rings aswell :/

See I had thought about banded steels, but they are heavy and still not convinced theyd be perfect quality. Spotted these, next best thing really in terms of not looking like much to the untrained eye. Even better that they are light.
Id also be able to fit my new tires to them no probs.

Dont like stretch on my car to be honest. Looks brilliant on other peoples but not for me, I like to be able to drive the car!

Cheers Alex!

They are mag wheels, so they will need coated. What colour you think I should go if I get them?
Been thinking the same colour/finish as the window surround trim?

Yeah smoke silver would look cool.

Cheers Paz, looking into getting them chrome powder coated. Its not just as shiny as chrome thankfully but cant really polish these and leave them to the elements
Trying to see if they can match the trim aswell for colour in the powder coat.

I got bored today sitting about the flat waiting on my B6 rear brakes coming.

So I started experimenting with some stuff I have lying about.....

Its pretty week as is to be honest, the smaller back brackets will be replaced with one large section similar length to the long bracket.
Can be shifted to the back aswell or ill make one for the back if I can pick up a digital video cam with a remote!

Very nice build! got me thinking of what to do with mine, hahaha.

JohnW wrote:
Very nice build! got me thinking of what to do with mine, hahaha.

Welcome to the forum John  

I've still got my camera concoction rigged up from my passenger seat from knockhiill last time we were there lewis! Couldn't be bothered taking it off. Those wheels look interesting too. What weight are they?

MarkB wrote:
JohnW wrote:
Very nice build! got me thinking of what to do with mine, hahaha.

Welcome to the forum John  

Thank you!

Not so much an update, but someone asked how it sounds.
Obviously unable to record it on full chat on the open road, so heres some legal speeds


thought you were getting it dyno,d a few weeks ago??

Dyno day is on 12th Sept
Not sure ill make it now as I may have to work from 7th

MilkybarKid wrote:
Not so much an update, but someone asked how it sounds.
Obviously unable to record it on full chat on the open road, so heres some legal speeds


Like it, is that 3" downpipes and Milltek dual?

It is mate yes Cheers



Havent got a clue if I am honest. Best to speak to the people who did the work on my car, MRC Tuning: 01295 277308 Not much they wont be able to tell you

Wee update not done any work on the car yet but picked up my MRC filter today, will fit that tomorrow morning.

Also having the passenger side turbo pipework changed on tuesday, going to try welding a 90deg bend onto the hard pipe between the turbo and IC at the turbo side and fit a silicon 90 between, hopefully stop it from popping off!

Crail times from my last visit:

Printouts from todays RR day.




oops, put in flywheel and crank up above should have been crank and wheels... lo lcan you tell im tired?
the caffene hasnt worn off yet though

Good man! caffeine is what makes the world go round!... that and money.

Well Ive only caffeine (thanks for the spelling!) left, no money, its out there somewhere making someone elses world go round!

I remember where it went now... I swapped Doug it for a bit bag of torque!

Good effort bud! I hadnt realised you had the rods and bottom end done too! Thats a nice safespec for the power too, no rods risk and your hardly stretching the turbos....

confusionhunter wrote:
and your hardly stretching the turbos....

Ask him what boost he's running

Great results though Lewis, but please get some better brakes on it

Well yeah 2bar peak tapering a little to the end to 1.8, its on one of the readouts up there ^

Soon as I can mate! lol. Makes it more of a challenge driving it

I like a challenge

Lewis took me for a quick blast in his car this morning, I would just like to say thanks for the ride and my wife is going to hate you as I need to have power like that in my life!!! That is one very well sorted car.

Thanks again

Nice numbers Lewis.

Those plots show how different the dynos are - the northern one has stupid high temperature correction numbers - 13 deg C room temp upto 31 deg C.  Surreys has virtually no correction 15 deg C to 18 deg C.

Is it running 2 bar to 1.8 bar on the road. It looks like you have a good 10-20bhp more to come out of the car if we get the mixture corrected at high revs, unless it was getting too hot on the dyno and dumping fuel in.

S4 heads and those numbers is excellent though. There are a few RS4s that flow similar air/ similar timing and just won't make those numbers on the dyno dynamics.

Not sure mate, not got a boost guage in yet and vagcom wont go above 2.5bar

To be honest im happy at it being rich at the top, its what i asked for to preserve the turbos a bit longer. Not sure if there is a better balance of fuelling and temps but seems to be coping well, will get down at some point to let you have another wee play about.

Thats once Ive had the bigger brakes fitted though so you sont chicken out this time

Dont think it was getting too hot to be honest, probably should have ran a log of egts on the dyno but didnt really get much time to mess about.
Theres a constant thin film of soot in the exhaust tips, so most likely doing it all the time.

My 2 problems with it are: 1st gear launching which as soon as the wheels start to spin the engine smashes off the limiter. Not sure if I want to get the boost turned down in 1st or whether theres anything I can do like semi/slicks to get grip.

Other is that it (as you can see from the graphs, and im sure from driving it) is that the car doesnt die down at the top [thats not the problem!] but it wants to keep revving! Theres not much change in engine note and no noticeable change in acceleration from 5k so its difficult to distinguish when to shift!

Grant: good to meet you, lucky I took the trip out to see John & co

great numbers there lewis, thats massive boost.

awesome! didnt realize you had rods either

Loving the noise it made, one of the only car the drowned out the fan noise!

Jonny... you got that vid posted anywhere??

Lewis, I find it hilarious you have a totally pampered well tuned powerplat and std brakes and no boost gauge!!!

I thought the std brakes were inadequate on a std car after a remap!! lol Forum Index -> Projects and Builds Page 1, 2, 3  Next
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