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Alex Rhys

My S4

A long overdue Hello!

A few of you may have seen my for sale thread recently, well the waterpump has became a bit vocal so ive insured her for another year and about to take on the timing belt job.

Im going to turn this into a bit of a rolling project.

and a cheeky one with my Mk2

Might as well drop a picture of my old S2 that I sold last year - and miss dearly!!!

Im getting a list together for the new year.

Looking to go Stage 1 until my turbos give up, once ive done that I intend on improving the brakes and suspension, then 3" downpipes and probably a toyosport exhaust (these seem to be doing the job for many?), then RS4 intercoolers.

If my turbos are still going at this point, ill make the decision to either go Stage 2 - but this may end the clutch - at which point the logical jump will probably be Stage 3.

First question on this thread of many... Where is everyone buying their K04 turbos from? Ive noticed the prices vary massively on tinterweb

Thanks guys, im hoping this will be the start of something beautiful

Looks a nice motor mate

Looks like a good solid clean base to start the fun with

Facelift headlights and rear bumper?
Alex Rhys

Thanks guys!

I fitted the facelift head lights when I first bought the car. I never really noticed the rear bumper to be honest! 😂
Stigs dad

Nice motor mate . Love the mk2 brings back fond memories.
 Regarding the ko4s stay away from the Chinese ones ,  there made of chocolate  ! Very poor quality  and you'll  end up pulling the motor 6 months later. Also be carefully of an eBay listing from Portsmouth advertising  these. there using a UK address to fool people into thinking there British turbos  there not. Hope this helps with the project  mate.
Alex Rhys

Wow thanks for heads up mate!

I've always had a Mk2 Golf since first passing my test.  They're so much fun and becoming real head turners.
Stigs dad

No worries  pal,  hate seeing people getting ripped off. Looks like a late model big bumper. Has it got the rainbow interior ?
Alex Rhys

It has! Completely original bar AP coilovers, Milltek 4-2-1 and a full stainless.

It's back on BBS RA'S now.

So much love for them!
Stigs dad

Totally agree ,  those wheels were made for the mk2 . Just a pita to keep clean lol.

Did you use to have a yellow colour concept polo  Alex?
Alex Rhys

Wasnt me Paul
Alex Rhys

Timing belt done.
Water pump done.
Thermostat done.
All belts inc Aux tensioner, done.

New radiator needed as there was a crack in the plastic near the gearbox cooler lug.

New viscous fan motor, done!

Topped up with G13 the car is now driving spot on yet again.

So tempted with a stage 1, but don't want the turbo fairy to come knocking

The after math...



Nice history of motors your starting to build. Love the MK2! I've got one also.

Ill keep an eye on this.

Alex Rhys

Kent wrote:

Nice history of motors your starting to build. Love the MK2! I've got one also.

Ill keep an eye on this.


Hi dude!

Always got to have a Mk2 tucked up somewhere

Alex Rhys

Headlight washer pump replaced, removed this;

Bit of a throwback picture of yet another one-time use Audi tool ive bought

Aaaaand 2 more for the sake of it. I feel bad for not using it much anymore


Nice motor mate.
Alex Rhys

Thanks dude!

Nice setup!
Alex Rhys

Soo, little bit of an update.

The car looked a little low recently on the back which led to me finding a snapped coil spring - which led to me finding this;

Which led to (as usual) cash being drained from my wallet;

A comparison;

I know they aren't KW or Bilstein, BC, Weitec etc. I bought the FK as I didn't want to part with the best part of 1000 to find coilovers were not for me.

Turns out they were perfect for me, cheap, car handles great , not too choppy and looks really smart - perfect for a garage car that I have been trying to sell    

The sad thing is, the scene queens will only take interest now its got some "bling". I have nothing against a real clean standard car - in fact I prefer standard. Just fancied a change. Forum Index -> Members' Cars
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