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My S6 V10 Pictures

Took a few snaps today. I have a couple of questions if anyone can help please.

The chip on the air bag cover decal really bugs me as the rest of the interior is mint - I don't really want to buy a whole new cover, but can't seem to find the decal on it's own ebay etc, (or perhaps I require the whole unit?).

What can I do about these pipes. I see how they look a tad weedy and don't fill the area. The other thing I noticed while me Julie was driving and I was following behind, is that they seemed to be jiggling around quite a bit at slow speed - is this normal or should they be completely ridgid.

The rear brake calipers are Textar, are these any good? Compared to the stock ones they look dull and pants, where as the stock look a bit more refined although still boring.

What are options to do something like this:

image sharing

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