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Sold my B5 S4 and got this as the daily car

2003 Audi S3 8L 225 BAM engine
Nogaro Blue
Heated Recaro seats
Bose Sound
Symphony ll 6cd changer
Light tints all round
Cambelt & water pump done twice
72k & 90k

K04s hybrid
Green cotton panel filter
3" blueflame decat downpipe
Milltek resonated catback
Forge splitter DV
Fully poly bushed all mounts including
Gearbox & Engine mounts
Uprated tie rods
Wiper delete
Rear rings delete
Brembo discs & pads all round
Pressed plates &
Led number plate lights

Want more power out of it any recommendations...

Just had new d2s bulbs in.

Power unknown but will be getting it done at Surrey rolling road

Here's the pics.


Re: MY03 NOGGY S3 8L


Nice looking motor mate it does shift too, first pic is picturesque 😎

Nice one

Thanks matey

Tony K

Absolutely love it. A car I've always wanted but never owned... And I've had quite a few now!

Thanks pal.

Yes this is my 3rd One now all extremly clean two things I really wanted but the colour has compensated for are 1-sunroof 2-front armrest-which both of my previous ones had & non of them have been as pleasure to own as this i really enjoy the standard feel but when boost is applied it really does sound nice with the turbo spooling and deep throttle response 😈  


If any one has a armrest for 8l s3 il be interested in a retro fit

But needs to be the same colour leather

Anyone know the name of it??

Some shine. Looks mint. What products are you using?

Cheers bud just had it washed at the local car wash

Which was awful as usual wasn't dried properly so I got my microfibre cloth and gave it a good buff.

Was difficult to get good pics as I'm using my iPhone and sun wash nice & bright...

the previous owner who had it up in Bedford kept it detailed.

I love that bottle of demon shine which il get once I give it a 3 stage chemical guys polish & Swiss wax for the summer.

Fantasic your S3 also Colin    

Nice..are those photos taken South London?

I would see if another RR would give better results that Surrey - nothing wrong with the dyno as such, but it doesn't like haldex, so it has to be run with the fuse pulled. Charlie had warned me as much before it went on but ran it anyway and even though it was remapped and healthy, it only gave standard figures.

Might be worth considering a slight drop in ride height as well as performance mods - mine is on H&R springs and it makes a big difference over standard, and still gets over speed bumps:


Yes took all in beautiful south London 😃

Shame about Surrey RR if anything I'd proberbly go to Amd Essex based on they do have some great services & offers at Amd and have used them for several of my previous cars also has lakeside.

I do like the current setup as all my cars have been lowered to taste but recently I like the factory set up but unless I get a set of decent springs I'll definitely be happier with less does have the firmer bushes all round and feels good but extremely firm on the roads plagued in speed bumps & pot holes.

I believe there are 2 versions of the H&R springs and your car has the rights ones on!
1st mod on the list is the Cupra r front lip.

But would also consider a fmic before I get my RR done.  

For more instant power, I'd add a Badger5 turbo intake pipe and Forge FMIC.

Then if the turbo goes pop, fuel pump, injectors and a chuffing great Owens turbo from Jabbasport, with remap to suit.

There will always be a small part of me that regrets not getting an 8L as opposed to my B5 S4....

....until my S4 is back on the road that is!!

Looking good

She needs a drop tho

Thanks (noggymike&bboy82) guys for your feedback

In terms of lowering will definitely consider if Iv got it for that long lol

Not too keen on abusing my 1st 2nd gear around the super shite bumpy roads in my area which then make the car rattle ( from experience)

But the badger5 intake pipe any one have any links as to where it can be found.

Also anyone know what a ko4s hybrid is on 8l S3

And would b5 s4 or uscar Bosch injectors go on a bam engine?

If I do go with lowering it I'm going for this look...

Will fill out the arches nicely 👌🏻

More questions are those really Rota drift rims or copy reps???

If I do choose to go down ... Do I go coilies or springs & dampers or will just H&R springs be fine in stock shocks???

You're probably not far from me (Battersea), so yep I know about the roads round here - my old B5 was on coilovers, and couldn't clear the speed bumps around the park without scraping the exhaust - even the 911 that replaced it is better!!

Anyway, the S3 has been fine on just springs and shocks, and I use it more than the 911 round here - I needed new springs on the rear as it had the usual problem where the original stock springs had snapped, and Doug had the set on the shelf at MRC when it was in. It makes the car more stable at speed, and not really any harsher over bumps, so I was happy with that and haven't been tempted to go any further..

Also, it might be work looking out the S3 owner's group and sales pages on FB, as I'm sure I've seen the occasional set of those wheels for sale there - not sure if they were genuine or reps though.

Will keep a look out for a noggy S3.. Forum Index -> Members' Cars
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