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Had to go and put petrol in the s6. blipped the key to get in and it didnt unlock!! tried a coulpe of times and still didnt work. eventually put the key in the door and unlocked the door fine...However got to the filling station and the petrol flap had not opend. locked her up and un-locked her a few times using the door lock and the flap still didnt open. ended up driving off without filling up!! Is it cos I didnt use the blipper button thats why it stayed locked??? or cos the batts are going flat??

Anyone any ideas??


Did all the doors unlock with the key or just the drivers? On my URS4 if i turn the key once it unlocks the drivers door then if i turn the key again it unlocks the others. OR when you're in the car the is the button on the drivers door that unlocks all the doors.
Hope it helps

there is an emergency opener in the right hand side conpartment in the boot if it happens again mate

you can open the petrol flap with a long fine screwdriver just ease the locking mechanism across if this dont work then bend the keep once u have it working as it should then you can bend it back

there is a knob behind the boot trim you can pull to release it.
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