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New Audi S3

Hi all,
A relative of mine has just bought a new S3 (no - I'm not jealous, well not much anyway).

I was very surprised at how noisy the suspension on the car is - especially when in dynamic mode. My relative says that the garage says this is "normal" ... surely not?
It clonks like a good'n. I know Audi had problems with some suspension systems on previous cars and would ahve thought they'd have cured this by now.

Any thoughts or comments?

Low speed clunking while manoeuvring is normal, but it should be silent in normal driving.
I've had a couple of Audi's with mag/adjustable electronic suspension and never had issues with them.
Think I'd be going to another dealer and getting a second opinion.

This one really clunks when going over speed bumps or rough road surfaces.

Yea, that's not right

Doesn't sound right to me.  At 80 mph in sixth, the S3 I drove (manual 2013 Sportback) was near silent and very comfortable indeed.  Its a compliment not an insult that in normal day to day driving, it was just as comfortable as a regular 2.0 TDi.  Suspension felt superb on country lanes, and way better than the B8 RS4 on 20s I took down the same roads

The S3 saloon we have is also very quiet, much quieter ( most of the time) especially suspension wise, noise and comfort, than the B6 1.8T Quattro we still have.
Wife , who is not into cars, reckons it's a fantastic car  - I can see I shall loose it to her...... Forum Index -> Audi S3 & RS 3 (8V) quattro
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